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South Coast Cycling  Friday TRACK RACING 15/11/2019. Edwardstown Velodrome.

Heart Starter Seniors – L. Stevens, B. McIntyre, S. Hennessy, L. Walker.
Heart Starter Senior D – R. Lam, G. Warren, G. Zlatkovic,.
Heart  Starter Junior 1  – C. Warren, T. Stevens, N. Crick, A. Kelly.
Little Trackies  – M. Hennessy.

Seniors  Handicap  – G. Warren, S. Hennessy, L. Stevens, B. McIntyre.
Junior Handicap – G.  Mahney, A. Kelly, H. Blackburn, N. Crick

Senior   Grade  Handicap  – L. Stevens, B. McIntyre, R. Lam, J. Kelly.
Junior Handicap – M. Hennessy, H. Blackburn, T. Stevens, A. Kelly.

Italian Pursuit Senior Team
01:23.51 – J. Kelly, G. Warren, L. Walker, C. Warren.
01:20.39 – G. Zlatkovic, R. Lam, L. Stevens, B. McIntyre.
Junior  Team Italian Pursuit .
01:04.74 – H. Blackburn, N. Crick, C. Warren.
01:08.00 – A. Kelly, G.  Mahney, T. Stevens.

Time Trial –
Seniors B. McIntyre – 39.92, L. Walker – 40.01, L. Stevens – 40.13, R. Lam – 40.92, J. Kelly – 43.29. J. Kelly – 43.29, G. Warren – 46.95, S. Hennessy – 47.03, G. Zlatkovic – 47.99.
Juniors A. Kelly – 45.11, T. Stevens – 45.73, C. Warren – 46.03, N. Crick – 46.16. H. Blackburn – 47.63, G.  Mahney – 49.39,
Little Trackies – M. Hennessy – 1:56.67,

All In Motor Pace 3 groups concurrently
3 Laps – N. Crick, H. Blackburn, G.  Mahney,
7 Laps – T. Stevens, A. Kelly, G. Zlatkovic.
11 laps – L. Walker, L. Stevens, B. McIntyre.

Junior cyclist, Parents and Coaches 

A few weeks ago we sent out details regarding a project being undertaken by researchers from Flinders University who are conducting an evaluation of the coach developer project currently being provided to our club. The research they are conducting aims to develop a model of best practice for club coach development and our club is benefiting from being able to be involved in the coach developer program.

The researchers would like to thank those who have completed the survey. If you have not had time completed the survey yet, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed via this

Be assured that any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and participants are not individually identifiable in the resulting report or other publications. You are, of course, entirely free to discontinue your participation at any time or to decline to answer particular questions.

Please an information sheet with further information about the study and the link to the online questionnaire, please email South Coast Cycling

Any enquiries you may have concerning this project should be directed to the researchers by e-mail at

Thank you for your attention and assistance.


South Coast Cycling club need more official at club racing on Friday nights.

Currently the Level 1 Course consists of completing a Workbook then gaining practical experience in various roles at Road and Track before a practical assessment undertaken by Susan Mitchell, Kimberley Conte or Lyle Baird.

The work book is attached. You can also access the latest CA Technical Regulations on the CA website. – this links to all disciplines
Current – Technical Regulations – June 2019 – FINAL.pdf
Inside UCI, Constitution and Regulations – then link to the relevant section. regulations –

If you are interested in being involved please email the club and we will be able to help you get started and assist in competing the workbook and practical experience before undertaking the assessment.

Level 1 Commissaire Workbook

Level 1 Commissaire Assessment Tool and Code of Behaviour

Club Fundraiser

South Coast Cycling is selling the Entertainment Book/Mobile as a fundraiser

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