Results from 7-10-16

Edwardstown Velodrome  Start of Track Season  07 – 10 – 16.

Heart Starter Senior A – S. Eglinton, M. Holdener, T. Lennon, M. Ireland.
Heart Starter Senior B – A. Schumacher, I. Nicholls, M. Steel, A. Schumacher.
Heart Starter Senior C – D. Slater, G. Kernich, S. Woodwiss, R. Lam.
Heart Starter Senior D – T. Green, J. Easson, L. Fleming, N. Chaffey.
Heart Starter Junior 1 – D. Tattersall, S. Johnson, E. Coulter, E. Birrane.
Heart Starter Junior 2  – L. Slater, J. Currie, H. Nicholas, A. Buckby.
Little Trackies 1/2 lap Handicap – S. Lennon, O. Managlan, A. Monaghan, G. Dixon.

Senior A Grade  Lightning Handicap – B. McIntyre, M. Holdener, M. Ireland, B. Simpson.
Senior B Grade  Lightning Handicap – M. Chaffey, A. Schumacher, M. Steel, I. Nicholls.
Senior C Grade  Lightning Handicap – R. Lam, R. Tormet, S. Woodwiss, G. Kernich.
Senior D Grade  Lightning Handicap – S. Harris, M. Jones, N. Chaffey, D. Milne.
Junior  Lightning Handicap – J. Currie, S. Johnson, L. Slater, H. Nicholas.
Little Trackeez Handicap – S. Lennon, L. Dixon, G. Chaffey, G. Dixon, O. Managlan, 0. Monaghan.

Senior A Scratch Race – S. Eglinton, M. Holdener, B. Simpson, B. McIntyre.
Senior B & C Scratch Race – J. Bessell, A. Schumacher, I. Nicholls, M. Steel.
Senior D Scratch Race – D. Milne, J. Easson, T. Green, R. Lam.
Junior Scratch Race – D. Tattersall, S. Johnson, E. Coulter.
Junior Scratch Race – E. Birrane, H. Nicholas, A. Buckby.
Junior Scratch Race – O. Atherton, L. Slater, G. Currie, J. Currie.

Time Trial – S. Lennon – 43:58, A. Monaghan – 50:10, L. Dixon – 51:27, O. Managlan – 51:46, G. Dixon – 44:63. G. Chaffey – 54:73.

Great start to South Coast Track Cycling season and the Information session. With a good bunch of riders in Senior A grade and some very excited new little trackies we are all looking forward to a great season of racing. There was a lot of new faces and some of the regulars at the information session and we all heard from Annabel Digance and Tim Pfeiffer about the exciting plans for Edwardstown complex redevelopment. Thanks to Jarrod and Chris for cooking the bbq tonight.

Photo credit Michael Young


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