Su Spencer & John Venturi Road Races – Saturday April 27th 2019

News Update – Saturday April 27th (12.21am)
Need to know stuff below…
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered their personal time to get this event up & running.
Also thank you to the riders for your support.
Juniors sign on at 9.30am give or take
Please show your licence & fit your red flashing light.
Juniors Racing A,B,C,D 10.30am
Seniors sign on at 12.00pm give or take
Please show your licence & fit your red flashing light.
Seniors Racing at 1.00pm
Grades will be sent off with a minute or 2 between each
Make sure you are at the start line on Sand Road by 10.20am at the latest for juniors & 12.50pm for Seniors
Comms will give you the lowdown – listen closely – they know best. If you don’t listen they may heckle you.
Please park & respect the locals/driveways/footpaths
Dont park in front of witches hats West of the Hall.
i.e. park sensibly & obey the signs.
We really want to have a good relationship with the folks of Kangarilla so we can go back next time & beyond.
Petrol Station across from the hall has food, drinks and petrol too…go figure.
General Store to the east of the hall has food & drinks
There will be menus in the hall – you can ring & order.
Please support the local businesses.
Coffee in the hall – gold coin donations please
Soft Drinks in the hall – gold coin donations please
Presentations in the hall after juniors & seniors
Most importantly have fun & ride safe
That’s about it for now…See ya there


Now that entries are in we have been forced to make a change to Junior A Grade.

Due to numbers of riders who have nominated being lower than expected overall for all grades, we have decided that we need to run Junior A Grade on the Junior course instead.

We originally advertised this on entry boss etc as being 3 laps on the full Kangarilla course. This is now 7 laps of the shorter Junior course.
Overall race distance is around 2 kms longer.
Total elevation is pretty much identical.

Start time will be 10.30am instead of the 1.00pm start time.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Are you free on Saturday April 27th to come & race at beautiful Kangarilla?

Nominations are open NOW – Senior Men (A,B,C,D), Senior Women (A,B,C) & Juniors (A,B,C,D).

Seniors  will do the classic Kangarilla course that we all love.

Senior Women get their own graded races.
You all know how much SCC support Women’s racing – looking for your support in return ladies.

Juniors A, B, C & D will do a slightly modified course that takes in a large chunk of the senior course anyway.

We have opened up the Junior racing to cater for the the younger ones this year also in Junior B, C & D grades.

There’s a traffic management plan in place to have speed limits in place on corners so it’s nice & safe.

Lots of work going into this race – support local racing please !!!

You can Nominate on the Day but you will need to be early to allow time to enter.   $50 Seniors & $30 Juniors

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