Su Spencer & John Venturi Road Races – Saturday April 27th 2019

Are you free on Saturday April 27th to come & race at beautiful Kangarilla?

Nominations are open NOW – Senior Men (A,B,C,D), Senior Women (A,B,C) & Juniors (A,B,C,D).

Seniors & Junior A Grade will do the classic Kangarilla course that we all love.

Senior Women get their own graded races.
You all know how much SCC support Women’s racing – looking for your support in return ladies.

Juniors B, C & D will do a slightly modified course that takes in a large chunk of the senior course anyway.

We have opened up the Junior racing to cater for the the younger ones this year also in Junior B, C & D grades.

There’s a traffic management plan in place to have speed limits in place on corners so it’s nice & safe.

Lots of work going into this race – support local racing please !!!

Here’s the nomination link … NOMINATE HERE

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