23 Feb Results

South Coast Cycling Series. 23 Feb 2018 Edwardstown Velodrome

Heart Starter Senior A  – S. Hennessy,  J. Kelly,  D. Cripwell.
Heart Starter Senior B – S. Gilbert,  E. Birrane,  D. Drake,  M. Young.
Heart Starter Senior C & D – A. Hill,  R. Gaggini,  L. Fleming,  C. Spence.
Heart  Starter Junior 1  – E. Birrane,  E. Coulter.
Heart Starter Junior 2 – H. Nicholas,  L. Elliston.
Heart Starter Junior 3 – J. Currie,  G. Seppelt,  E. Sandow.
Heart Starter Junior 4 – H. Blackburn,  A. Kelly,  I. Beggs,  G. Currie.
Little Trackies Time Trial B. Stewart – 56.12,  M. Evans – 54.47,  S. Lennon – 53.91,  C. Beggs – 53.16,  P. Earl – 1:00.75, H. Durston – 1:06.58,  M. Hennessy – 40.63.

Senior Handicap A – B. McIntyre,  J. Kelly,  S. Hennessy,  J. Currie.
Senior  B Grade  Handicap  – E. Coulter,  M. Young,  D. Drake,  S. Gilbert.
Senior C & D  Handicap – L. Fleming,  C. Spence,  A. Hill,  R. Gaggini.
Junior  Lightning Handicap – G. Currie,  I. Beggs,  E. Sandow,  A. Kelly.
Little Trackies 2 lap Scratch – M. Evans,  S. Lennon,  B. Stewart.
Little Trackies 2 lap Scratch – C. Beggs, P. Earl, H. Dunston.

Italian Pursuit Senior A & B
01:14.17 – B. McIntyre,  S. Hennessy,  E. Birrane,  D. Cripwell.
01:14.54 – D. Radzikiewicz,  R. Beggs,  J. Kelly,  J. Currie.
Italian Pursuit Senior C& D  Team
01:18.46 – M. Young,  C. Spence,  D. Drake,  R. Gaggini.
01:19.16 – L. Fleming,  C. Spence,  E. Coulter,  S. Gilbert.
Junior Team Italian Pursuit
01:53.65 – I. Beggs,  H. Blackburn,  J. Currie,  G. Seppelt,  L. Elliston.
01:55.03 – G. Currie,  A. Kelly,  E. Sandow,  H. Nicholas,  H. Nicholas.
Little Trackies Italian Pursuit
01:26.54 – P. Earl,  S. Lennon,  M. Evans.
01:40.42 – C. Beggs,  B. Stewart,  H. Durston.

A 2 Lap Handicap – S. Hennessy,  J. Kelly,  B. McIntyre,  D. Radzikiewicz.
B 2 Lap Handicap – M. Young,  E. Coulter,  S. Gilbert,  D. Drake.
C & D 2 Lap Handicap – C. Spence,  L. Fleming,  R. Gaggini,  A. Hill.
Junior 2 Lap Handicap – G. Currie,  G. Seppelt,  H. Nicholas,  J. Currie.
Little Trackies Scratch – S. Lennon,  M. Evans,  B. Stewart.
Little Trackies Scratch – C. Beggs,  P. Earl,  H. Durston.

Senior All In Handicapped Elimination – E. Birrane,  S. Gilbert,  J. Currie,  R. Beggs.
Junior 1 Scratch Race – H. Nicholas,  G. Seppelt,  J. Currie,  E. Sandow.
Junior 2 Scratch Race – H. Blackburn,  A. Kelly,  G. Currie,  I. Beggs.
Little Trackies  Team Italian Pursuit .
01:28.86 – P. Earl,  M. Evans,  S. Lennon.
01:29.21 – B. Stewart,  C. Beggs,  H. Durston.

Adelaide Cup on Wheels

Adelaide Cup on Wheels –

SCC Track Carnival @ E/town on Monday 12 March 2018 – start 10 am

Seniors $30, Juniors $20, Trackies $10

Nomination close 6 March

Nominate Here

Etown Track Consistency Points 2017-18 – updated 23/02/2018

E’town Consistency Points are up & running again this track season to cover the whole season. As per last year if you volunteer in place of racing you will get start points.

See the current standings HERE which include all events so far this season the are counted towards the award.