SCC Training & Racing Cancelled

We unfortunately have to advise all that with the current COVID situation…the SCC Committee has cancelled All Training & Racing until, hopefully, 2nd Dec.
The situation will be monitored closely & we will keep you updated on our situation & plans moving forward.
Please share this information with anyone who you know of that will be affected.

Latest Results

South Coast Cycling Friday TRACK RACING 13/11/2020.

Heart Starter Senior A & B – D. Drake, J. Currie, J. Currie, B. McIntyre.
Heart Starter Senior B & C – J. Austin, D. Slater, T. Bryant, J. Kelly.
Heart Starter Senior D – G. Warren, L. Fleming, A. Braithwaite, T. May.
Heart Starter Junior 2 – S. Lennon, L. McInnes, Z. Bryant, J. Cox.

Time Trial Z. Bryant – 46.15, S. Lennon – 51.71, L. McInnes – 52.69, P. Earl – 53.05, J. Cox – 54.82.

Senior  Grade  Handicap  – T. Ryan, B. McIntyre, M. Young, J. Currie.
Senior  Grade  Handicap  – B. Brown, E. Green, R. Lam, T. Bryant.
Senior  D Handicap – T. May, L. Fleming, G. Warren, A. Braithwaite.
Juniors Handicap Scratch Race – P. Earl, Z. Bryant, J. Cox, L. McInnes.

Italian Pursuit Senior  Team
05:52.97 – T. May, D. Drake, D. Goldfinch, R. Lam, A. Braithwaite, D. Slater, B. Brown, T. Ryan.
02:35.56 – L. Fleming, G. Warren, J. Kelly, T. Bryant, M. Young, B. McIntyre, J. Austin, J. Currie.
Junior  Team Italian Pursuit .
01:32.13 – Z. Bryant, S. Lennon, L. McInnes, J. Currie.
01:33.22 – J. Cox, P. Earl, E. Green, T. Ryan.

2nd Juniors Handicap Race – P. Earl , Z. Bryant , J. Cox , L. McInnes

Sprint Derby
Sr B. Brown , R. Lam, E. Green. Sr T. Ryan , J. Currie. Sr L. Fleming , T. May. Sr M. Young , D. Drake, J. Currie. Sr D. Drake , D. May. Sr D. Slater , T. Bryant, J. Kelly. Sr G. Warren , A. Braithwaite. Sr B. Brown , E. Green, R. Lam. Sr T. Ryan , J. Currie. Sr T. May , L. Fleming. Sr M. Young , D. Goldfinch, J. Austin. Sr T. Bryant , D. Slater, J. Kelly Sr G. Warren , A. Braithwaite. Sr D. Drake , J. Currie, B. McIntyre.
Jr P. Earl , J. Cox. Jr Z. Bryant , L. McInnes.

Senior & Junior Scratch Race – J. Currie, D. Drake, B. McIntyre, J. Currie.
Senior & Junior Scratch Race – D. Slater, J. Austin, B. Brown, D. Goldfinch.
Senior D Grade  Scratch Race – G. Warren, L. Fleming, A. Braithwaite, R. Lam.

E’Town Summer Track Season – Registration for 2020/21

So exciting – our annual pilgrimage to E’Town Velodrome for the Summer Track Season is so close !

In previous years we have asked all riders to fill out a paper based registration form.
To make the process easier we have gone digital.

Could all riders and volunteers who plan to race, train or help out at E’Town this season go to the following link & enter your details at:

The above link also appears on the menu item titled “Track Registration 2020/21” on our club home page.

The main reason is to collect:-
>>> Rider information used for ease of sign-on
>>> Contact information – including emergency contacts
>>> Your preferences

Please rest assured that all data will be treated with the appropriate privacy & integrity.

If you have any questions please contact the club via

South Coast awarded Sarre Shield for 2019 season.

The shield was a trophy donated by Mr Claude Sarre to the then Amateur Cycling Union of South Australia (ACUSA) in 1949 for “Interclub Competition”., and is now presented each year to the winning club at the Cycling SA Annual General Meeting. Mr Sarre was a jeweller in Gawler Place. Points towards the Sarre Shield are earned by riders who represent their club at State Championship events. Points are allocated for medal placings only in every individual championship event (both road and track), in every license category both mens’ and womens’ right through from Junior U11 to Masters Category 9.

2020 Road & Track Technical Regulation

Updated 2020 CA Road & Track Tech Reg’s here

For those that are new to the sport please,
Check out the full list of Policies & Rules we operate under
above at
About / Rules & Policies

If anyone is interested in becoming a Commissaire
or a coach
talk to one of the committee members.

Club Fundraiser

South Coast Cycling is selling the Entertainment Book/Mobile as a fundraiser

Our Online Order Page link, Here