SCC Cyclo Sportif @ The Range


Sunday 3rd May Starting from the Range Hall first riders leave at 8:30am

Teams at the Range have a choice of 2 laps (33.8kms), 3 laps (50.7 kms), 4 laps (67.6 kms), 5 laps (84.5 kms)

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State Government Sports Vouchers Program

SCC has registered for the Sports Vouchers program.

What is the Sports Vouchers program?
Sports Vouchers is a State Government initiative administered by the Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS).
The program is an opportunity for primary school age children from Reception to Year 7 to receive a $50 dis-count from sports club/membership fees.
All children in South Australia will receive a letter from the Premier at school (or home if home-schooled) in-forming them of Sports Vouchers and how it works.
Clubs and providers can then offer a $50 discount on joining fees and recoup that money directly from the Of-fice for Recreation and Sport.
The purpose is to increase the numbers of children playing organised sport and to reduce the costs for parents.

What can the $50 be used for?
The $50 can be used towards membership fees which provide access to a minimum 10 week sports program.
The discount cannot be used for equipment purchase or a one-off ‘come and try’ type event.