Results 13 Jan 2017

Azimuth Scaffolding Series 13 January 2017.

Heart Starter Senior A – M. Franks, S. Hennessy, T. Lennon, B. McIntyre.
Heart Starter Senior B – D. Drake, M. Young, M. Chaffey, J. DeGuide.
Heart Starter Senior C – P. King, S. Woodwiss.
Heart Starter Senior D – D. Milne, L. Fleming, N. Chaffey.
Heart Handicapped Starter Junior 1  – E. Coulter, M. Fox, E. Birrane, D. Tattersall.
Heart Starter Junior 2 – H. Nicholas, J. Currie.
Heart Starter Junior 3 – E. Landman, G. Currie.
Little Trackies 1 lap Handicap – J. Fountas, G. Chaffey, H. Durston, S. Lennon.

Italian Pursuit Senior Team
01:32.53 – S. Hennessy, P. Lechelt, D. Cripwell, M. Franks, M. Franks.
01:37.22 – T. Lennon, B. McIntyre, D. Bottrill, P. Fountas, J. Kelly.
01:38.45 – L. Fleming, P. King, D. Tattersall, J. DeGuide, D. Drake.
01:39.52 – M. Young, S. Woodwiss, D. Milne, N. Chaffey, M. Chaffey.
Junior  Team Italian Pursuit .
01:27.39 – G. Currie, E. Birrane, M. Fox, E. Coulter.
01:29.69 – E. Landman, J. Currie, H. Nicholas, D. Tattersall.

Senior A Grade Handicap  – B. McIntyre, P. Lechelt, D. Bottrill, J. Kelly.
Senior C & B Grade  Handicap  – J. DeGuide, M. Chaffey, M. Young, D. Drake.
Senior D Grade  Handicap – N. Chaffey, L. Fleming, D. Milne.
Junior  Handicap – E. Landman, G. Currie, M. Fox, E. Coulter.

Time Trial
Juniors M. Fox – 40.07, E. Coulter – 43.31, E. Birrane – 44.45. D. Tattersall – 44.95, H. Nicholas – 49.18, J. Currie – 49.58, E. Landman – 50.49, G. Currie – 56.51. G. Currie – 56.51.
Little Trackies S. Lennon – 0:57.40, H. Durston – 1:06.31, N. Fountas – 1:11.24, J. Fountas – 1:14.70, T. Edwards – 1:38.30.G. Chaffey – 1:42.32,

Senior A Italian Scratch Race – M. Franks, D. Bottrill, D. Cripwell, B. McIntyre.
Senior B & C Italian Scratch Race – D. Drake, M. Chaffey, M. Young, P. King.
Senior D Italian Scratch Race – D. Milne, N. Chaffey.
Little Trackies   Handicap – T. Edwards, G. Chaffey, J. Fountas, H. Durston.

Results 6 Jan 2017

South Coast Cycling Omnium Rd 5    6 – Jan – 17.

Heart Starter Senior A – S. Eglinton, M. Franks, P. Fountas, S. Hennessy.
Heart Starter Senior B – M. Chaffey, M. Young.
Heart Starter Senior C – P. King, R. Lam, S. Harris, S. Niejalle.
Heart Starter Senior D – L. Fleming, N. Chaffey.
Heart Starter Junior 1  – H. Dietze, N. Davies.
Heart Starter Junior 2 – H. May, T. Wight, A. Wight.
Heart Starter Junior 3 – J. Currie, E. Landman, S. Wight.
Little Trackies 1/2 lap Handicap – G. Chaffey, J. Fountas, N. Fountas,.

Senior A & B Grade Handicap  – M. Chaffey, M. Young, D. Bottrill, S. Hennessy.
Senior C & D Grade  Handicap  – L. Buckley, N. Chaffey, L. Fleming, S. Niejalle.
Junior  Lightning Handicap – T. Wight, E. Landman, S. Johnson, H. May.
Little Trackies 1/2 Lap Handicap – J. Fountas, G. Chaffey, N. Fountas,.

Italian Pursuit Senior Team
01:16.14 – S. Niejalle, M. Chaffey, M. Franks, S. Hennessy.
01:16.86 – P. King, L. Buckley, M. Young, S. Eglinton.
01:17.82 – N. Chaffey, S. Harris, L. Wight, L. Wight.
01:18.45 – L. Fleming, R. Lam, D. Bottrill, H. Dietze.
Junior  Team Italian Pursuit .
01:14.35 – J. Currie, N. Davies, T. Wight, H. Dietze, H. Dietze.
01:37.86 – A. Wight, S. Wight, E. Landman, S. Johnson, H. May.
Little Trackies   1/2 Lap ITT – N. Fountas- 18.88, J. Fountas – 21.85, G. Chaffey – 21.96.

Senior Time Trial – S. Eglinton – 35.61, M. Franks – 36.47, L. Wight – 37.9, R. Lam – 38.41, M. Young – 38.41, S. Hennessy – 39.55, S. Hennessy – 39.55,S. Niejalle – 41.52, D. Bottrill – 42.49, S. Harris – 42.67, M. Chaffey – 44.84, L. Buckley – 45.64, N. Chaffey – 47.11, P. King – 47.11, L. Fleming – 48.51.
Junior Time Trial – H. Dietze – 38.51, T. Wight – 42.22, N. Davies – 42.92, S. Johnson – 45.17, A. Wight – 48.85, J. Currie – 50.44, E. Landman – 50.81, S. Wight – 58.84.
Little Trackies   1 Lap ITT – N. Fountas- 1:13.26, J. Fountas – 1:14.22, G. Chaffey -1:37.82

Senior All inScratch Race – S. Eglinton, L. Wight, S. Hennessy, M. Franks.
Junior Scratch  Race – H. Dietze, H. May, S. Johnson, T. Wight.
Junior Scratch Race – J. Currie, E. Landman, S. Wight.

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Edwardstown Track Consistency Points 2016/17 Season

This season we are trying something a little different introducing a consistency points series that takes in the whole season.

Here are the current standings as at completion of racing from week 12 – 06/01/2017.

If you normally race & cannot on any given week – we will award you the equivalent of start points (20 points) if you take on one of the many volunteer roles we need to fill to allow the racing to go ahead.  See the volunteer information link for what roles we need to fill each week.