John Venturi Road Race Results

Open A Grade
1st Chris Harper, 2nd Thomas Allford. 3rd Tom Chapman.

Open B Grade
1st Tim Hedger, 2nd Iven Bennett, 3rd Angus Heffernan.

Open C Grade
1st John Watters, 2nd Fletcher Symonds, 3rd Maximillian Hardy.

Womens A Grade
1st Michelle Devine, 2nd Danielle McKinnirey, 3rd Eloise Vaughan.

Open D Grade
1st Peter George, 2nd Paul Pearce, 3rd Duncan Fowler.

Womems B Grade
1st Meg Lemon, 2nd Meriel Custance, 3rd Jazz Martin.

Open E Grade
1st Thomas Davey, 2nd Grant Allen, 3rd Corey Ngo.

Full Results here


Su Spencer Junior Race Results

Junior A Grade
1st Harry Askew, 2nd Lewis Walker, 3rd Emerson Nugent.

Junior B Grade
1st Braydon Jones, 2nd Elliott Walker, 3rd Noah Davies.

Junior C Grade
1st Tia Slama, 2nd Samuel Atherton, 3rd Brooke Johnson.

Full results here

SCC – STARCLUB Accreditation Achieved


South Coast Cycling club has been rewarded for its hard work by becoming the first SA cycling  club to achieve STARCLUB ‘Recognition’ in SA, through the Office for Recreation and Sport’s STARCLUB Club Development Program.

This has been achieved with the assistance of Hans Van Bavel, Office for Recreation and Sport STARCLUB mentor – and hard work and dedication to the program from Catherine Braithwaite (SCC Committee member) Ken Gooding (SCC Committee member) and the SCC committee members.

There are currently 46 clubs around South Australia that have achieved this status so it is a massive achievement for South Coast Cycling club and something to be commended.
A STARCLUB is a well-run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment.

Having well run sporting clubs is such an important asset for the local community and SA Cycling and the wider cycling community. South Coast cycling club provides wonderful opportunities for participation in sport, physical activity, and personal development, as well as providing social connections for young families.

Sport serves as a catalyst for community gatherings, bringing people together for play, talk and shared experiences and this is very evident at South Coast Cycling clubs summer track racing and training sessions held at Edwardstown Velodrome which contributes to the development of strong, connected communities.

South Coast Cycling has developed a strong volunteer base of officials and coaches to help ensure we can offer valuable cycling events and training sessions where there is strong support from local cyclist, club coaches, parents and families.

SCC has a Club Handbook for track cyclists to assist riders, parents and supporters, as well a clear strategic plan to help guide the future of the club and ensure its sustainability. The club has adopted a range of policies and procedures which help to make the running of the club as smooth as possible as well as ensure a safe, welcoming and friendly environment.

All South Australians enjoying lives enriched through regular participation in active recreation and sport

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Result of Cyclo Sportif at Snapper Point

The event was held in lovely sunny conditions, although a breeze was making it harder for the riders. I think the riders enjoyed the rider and why not on this scenic part of the coast.

Results here

SCC members representing South Australia

SCC is very proud of our club members chosen to represent South Australia at the upcoming track championships.

Steph Morton & Rikki Belder for the National Track Championships in Adelaide.

Lewis Walker, Elliott Walker, Brooklyn Vonderwall and Noah Davies chosen for the Junior Track Championships in Launceston.

Good luck all – we will be watching.

Results from City of Holdfast Bay Cycling Championship

Program including Results here



Back to Back Winner Cameron Bayly



Winner of the Mayors Trophy Jessica Mundy









Huge thank you to all who supported our Boxing Day Cycling Event 2015.

We really appreciate the support of City of Holdfast Bay & the Mayor Stephen Patterson – we are extremely lucky to be able to have our event in the heart of Glenelg each yr as an important part of the Bay Sports Festival.

Thank you to the loyal band of volunteers, commissaires, officials, helpers etc who did a fine job.

Thank you to the riders for supporting local racing & last but not least to our hard working SCC committee who all do a fantastic job putting it all together.

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