2017 Su Spencer (Juniors) & John Venturi (Seniors) Graded Road Races – Kangarilla May 20th

We think the Kangarilla course is a good one – if you can climb a little, hide in the bunch a little & time a perfect sprint then this race is for you. If you can’t do any of that just ride anyway – lets get racing & have fun.

Nominate HERE

Seniors: A Grade 92 km (6laps) Start 1pm
B Grade 77 km (5laps)
C Grade 62 km (4laps)
D Grade 47 km (3laps)
E Grade 31 km (2laps)
As usual Women’s Race if nomination warrant.

As usual Women’s Race if nominations warrant – so come on Ladies let’s do this – we would absolutely love to put on a race that is for you only – tell your friends. SCC supports Women’s racing (and the blokes too).

Juniors 3 or 4 Grades – distances 3, 2 or 1 lap Start 10:30am

Sign on: Juniors from 9:30am Seniors 12pm @ The Temperance Hall – Kangarilla

Nom. Fee: Seniors Grades A to E $30 + IMG fees
Juniors Grades U15 & U17 $20 + IMG fees

Closing Date: Monday 15th May

On-Line nominations thru Club or CSA web site link
No Late Nominations accepted
All grade and distances subject to nominations and conditions on the day
The races will be conducted in accordance with CA Technical Regulations.

CSA handicapper will grade riders for the event.

***Don’t forget your red tail lights riders***

IMPORTANT: Last year we had a few unsavoury incidents occur in the Main Street of Kangarilla in regards to parking. Local residents experienced cars being parked blocking driveways & when asked to move their cars to allow a clear path from homes in the Main Street, some of “us” abused the locals. This is totally unacceptable & disgusting behaviour – please respect that we have to get approvals from local council & we need to keep the residents on side. Lets not shoot ourselves in the foot – it’s not hard to get on – we would like to keep using this location – it’s up to all of us to do the right thing. Anyone who doesn’t want to make the effort to get along & show respect – please feel free to not nominate & just stay away…rant over.



Steph is flying with 2 silver medals at Worlds

South Coast’s Stephanie Morton had a blinder at the UCI World Championships in Hong Kong.

Not only did she become just the fourth Aussie woman to stand on the podium for a World Championship sprint event, Steph earned two silver medals (sprint with a new 200m PB, and Team Sprint with a new national record) and a fourth in the Keirin – all this after a fall in the Keirin at Nationals in March  which left her with hairline fractures in her shoulder and concussion!

We love Steph and we’re glad we have her to look up to!





1st Simon Eglinton  2nd Sean Hennessy     1st Lewis Walker –JR     3rd David Miller    4th Bryan McIntyre

B Grade
1st Michael Young    2nd Michael Chaffey      3rd Issac Nicolls 

C Grade
1st Gemma Kernich   2nd Richard Lam   3rd Shane Harris 

D Grade
1st Nicole  Chaffey   2nd Lee Anne Fleming   3rd David Milne

Ethan Birrane,  Jacob Currie,  Grace Currie,  Shelby Johnson,  Heather May,  Elliott Walker.


Geoff Hardy Series


Luke Elliston, Ethan Birrane,  Jacob Currie,  Grace Currie,  Annabella Kelly

A Grade
1st Sean Hennessy  2nd David Miller 3rd Lewis Walker  4th James Kelly

B Grade
1st Michael Young   2nd Dan Drake   3rd Michael Chaffey

C Grade
1st Paul King   2nd Gemma Kernich   3rd Andrew Welsh

D Grade
1st Brad Edward   2nd Nicole Chaffey   3rd Lee Anne Fleming