Results 2 December 2016

Paul King Plumbing Series 02 – 12 – 16.
Heart Starter Senior A – A. Foundas, T. Manning, R. Lam, P. King.
Heart Starter Senior B – D. Drake, M. Chaffey, M. Young.
Heart Starter Senior C – A. Foundas, T. Manning, R. Lam, P. King.
Heart Starter Senior D – D. Milne, N. Chaffey, L. Fleming.
Heart Starter Junior 1  – L. Walker, A. Miller.
Heart Starter Junior 2  – E. Walker, A. Johnson, E. Birrane.
Little Trackies 1 lap Handicap – O. Atherton, A. Kelly, H. Durston.
Little Trackies 1/2 lap Handicap – G. Chaffey, L. Dixon, G. Dixon, T. Edwards.

Italian Pursuit Senior  Team
01:52.16 – M. Young, M. Chaffey, S. Hennessy, P. Davis, D. Drake, S. Eglinton.
01:54.91 – P. Fountas, J. Kelly, D. Miller, D. Cripwell, A. Schumacher, A. Schumacher.
Italian Pursuit Senior Team
01:40.94 – D. Milne, S. Harris, R. Lam, A. Foundas, L. Walker.
01:43.52 – N. Chaffey, L. Fleming, P. King, D. Slater, T. Manning.
Junior A Team Italian Pursuit .
00:55.78 – E. Birrane, L. Walker, L. Walker.
0:59;38 – A. Johnson, E. Walker, A. Miller.
Little Trackies  1 Lap Time Trial – O. Atherton – 1:00.95, A. Kelly – 1:04.41, H. Durston – 1:05.40, G. Dixon – 1:25.26, L. Dixon – 1:28.53, G. Chaffey – 1:38.12, T. Edwards – 1:58.65.

A Grade Madison – S Eglinton &  A Schumacher, D Drake &  M Young, S Hennessy. & D Cripwell, E Walker. & L Walker.
Senior  Lightning Handicap – N. Chaffey, L. Fleming, D. Slater, D. Miller.
JrL. Walker – 0, A. Miller.
JrE. Walker – 0, A. Johnson, E. Birrane.
JrL. Walker – 0, A. Miller.
JrA. Johnson – 0, E. Walker, E. Birrane.
Little Trackies Handicap – A. Kelly, O. Atherton, H. Durston.
Little Trackies Handicap – L. Dixon, G. Chaffey, G. Dixon, T. Edwards.

Senior All In Scratch Race – A. Schumacher, S. Hennessy, D. Cripwell, D. Slater.
Little Trackies   – A. Kelly, O. Atherton, H. Durston.

Glenelg Boxing Day Criteriums & Straight Line Sprints 2016

Once again we are excited to announce the Boxing Day Criteriums & Straight Line Sprints are on again at Glenelg this year.
This event has lots of history going way back to 1980 where the Men’s Championship Race was dominated by Alan Gill, Stuart O’Grady & in latter years Cam Bayly & Chris Jongewaard have held the winners trophy aloft a number of times. The Women’s Race also has lots of household names in Women’s Cycling such as Alex Rhodes with Tiffany Cromwell having a great time of it in recent years. Jessica Mundy also had a great win the Women’s race last year – could Jessica do it again this year? C’mon ladies get involved – the City of Holdfast Bay are long time supporters of your very own Women’s race(s).
There is a race for everyone – so make sure you nominate before close off & show that you have chosen to support local racing.

Edwardstown Track Consistency Points 2016/17 Season

This season we are trying something a little different introducing a consistency points series that takes in the whole season.

Here are the current standings as at completion of racing from week 8 – 25/11/2016.

If you normally race & cannot on any given week – we will award you the equivalent of start points (20 points) if you take on one of the many volunteer roles we need to fill to allow the racing to go ahead.  See the volunteer information link for what roles we need to fill each week.


upcoming Edwardstown Track

Edwardstown Track Season
is running

Training on Mon Jrs &Wed Srs 

All the information is available under the Track 2016-17 tab above

Edwardstown Series 1 Race 5 2006 003

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