4th Dec Roller Frenzy Results

4th Dec Roller Frenzy Results

David ‘Sheppo’ Miller 21.74
Thomas ‘Gordon’ Morton 22.96
John ‘Big Johnny’ Lockwood 23.94
Alasdair ‘Colossus’ McLellan 24.86
Ian ‘F-Bomb’ Fromentin 25.69
Chris ‘King of Bling’ Spence 25.76
David ‘Thunder Thighs’ Slater 25.96
James ‘Big Chipper’ Naismith 26.14
Kyle ‘Bradbry’ Franson 26.16
Dallas ‘Big Unit’ Zimmer 26.24
Daniel ‘Daniel-san’ Searson 26.37
Peter ‘p-diddy’ Davis 26.47
Michael ‘For Ever/Evergreen’ Young 26.61
Adam ‘Creaky/Creepy’ Dekok 27.52
Jolan ‘Zoltan’ Lisle-Oakley 27.77
Mark ‘Sheepstations’ Gregory 28.65
Paul ‘Handbrake’ Zalkauskas 29.14
Dimitri ‘Vlavman’ Vlavlos 29.18
Carla ‘Pumpkinator’ Franson 29.22
James ‘Fingers Bro’ Buchannan 29.53
Scott ‘Seagull’ Hallandal 30.12
Samantha ‘Smiley’ Fromentin 32.18
James ‘Handsome’ Dreggs 32.46
Nikki ‘Frog’ Boyle 32.73
Daniel ‘Yossarian’ Scott 33.47
Hugo ‘Hugs’ Murray 34.44
Mark ‘Drape-Dawg’ Draper 37.82
Sam ‘Chism’ Chisholm 37.92
Lachlan ‘Fingers’ Buchannan 38.81
Verity ‘Variety’ Zali 41.33
Naomi ‘Ankle Biter’ Hallandal 63.02
David ‘Engineman’ Schutz MECHANICAL – CHAIN JAMMED

Each rider drew a random number from the bowl to determine seedings and therefore their path to the Grand Final.

KNOCKOUT ROUND 1 winner in bold
Colossus v Big Chipper
Engineman (scratched) v Fingers
Handsome v Vlavman (mechanical)
Sheppo v Big Johnny (puncture)
Big Unit vs Seagull
Anklebiter v Bradbry
Chism v Drape-Dawg
Thunderthighs vs Big Sis
Frog v Evergreen
Zoltan vs Yossarian
Pumpkinator v P-diddy
Hugs vs Daniel-san
F-bomb v King of Bling
Creaky v Gordon
Sheepstations vs Variety
Handbrake v Big Finger

$50 Consolation Event
All knocked-out riders (who were still able to ride) were invited to compete in a consolation event – Team Sprint. Two teams of 5 were formed. Every rider had to complete one 500m lap of the rollers, with their team mates holding/assisting changeovers. Team Red had some novel rider changeover methods, including having a lighter rider already clipped in & on their bike off the rollers and lifting the rider and bike straight on! Team Blue looked like their were going to overtake Team Red in home straight then disaster struck – Thunder Thighs’ chain came off with 350m left to ride, so Sheepstations’ Team Red could then cruise to victory. Sheepstations was so overcome with the emotion/exertion of the event he had to have a little lie-down

TEAM RED in 3 min 15 sec vs Team Blue (DNF)

Big Chipper v Fingers
Handsome v Sheppo
Big Unit v Bradbry
Drape-Dawg v Big Sis
Evergreen v Yossarian
P-diddy v Hugs
King of Bling v Creepy
Variety v Big Finger

Fingers s Handsome
Bradbry v Drape-Dawg
Yossarian v P-diddy
Creepy v Variety

Fingers v Bradbry
P-Diddy v Creepy

Since two of SA’s fastest track blokes were in the room, a demonstration event over 1000m was held.
David “Sheppo” Miller (Scratch) v Thomas “Gordon the Tank Engine” Morton (40m) – 39secs or thereabouts!

FINALS – 3 & 4
Fingers (205m) v Creepy (DNS)
Fingers had to complete the distance so a sibling Fingers v Big Finger demonstration was held.

Bradbry (180m) v P-Diddy (160m)

Hell’s Bells – First Eliminated – Alasdair ‘Colossus’ McLellan – a Bell
Fastest Youngest Backwards Rollerer – Naomi ‘Ankle Biter’ Hallandal – DMT Ultimax Carbon RSX shoes
Team Sprint Team – Team Red – Cash
Kilo Demonstration – David “Sheppo” Miller – Socks
Fastest Junior Woman – Carla ‘Pumpkinator’ Franson – Cash
Fastest Junior Man- James ‘Big Fingers’ Buchannan – Cash
Fastest Open Woman – Verity ‘Variety’ – Cash
Fastest Open Man – David “Sheppo” Miller – Cash
2nd Fastest Open Man – Thomas “Gordon” Morton – Cash
3rd Fastest Open Man – John “Big Johnny” Lockwood – Cash
Entrant’s Random Draw – James “Big Chipper” Naismith – CRUMPLER BACKPACK
‘Best Dressed & Cracks for the ladeez’ team – TEAM TRACK SABBATH
ROLLER FRENZY 3rd Place – Lachlan “Fingers!” Buchannan – Socks & Tuff Gloves
ROLLER FRENZY 2nd Place – Peter “P-Diddy’ Davis – CRUMPLER Messenger Bag

See y’all next time!!!
There were camera going all night, I expect there’ll be some great pics up soon so please check back!

A full field of 32, competitors aged between 6 and 66 years in races that anyone could win. Kyle “Bradbry” Franson was victorious over Peter “P-diddy” Davis in an epic final.

Quite a few thrills and spills and danial-san should be pleased that the handicapping became quite an exact science!
Thanks again to CRUMPLER for some great prizes, as well as the SECRET SQUIRREL who also donated some excellent goods.

Thanks to Port Adelaide CC and South Coast Cycling. A lot of volunteers made it the night it was, thanks to Renee B, Catherine B, Ken G, Tim McE, Alex B, Grant M, Nigel K, Barb the barlady, the BBQ cooker, and some completely random bloke who I think just wandered in off the street and ended up doing all the timing with great enthusiasm for the whole night – Clive! Apologies if I have forgotten anyone!