Edwardstown Track Season Awards for 2023-2024

South Coast Series Winners  2024
Maggie Evans, Torah Ferguson, Seth Harrison

A Grade, Dan Drake, David Radz, Bryan McIntyre
B/C Grade, Jeremy Austin, Owen Lloyd, Matthew Agius
D Grade, Paul Fountas, Anthony Braithwaite, Grant Warren

Paul Fountas Consistency Award

Seniors, 1st Dan Drake, 2nd Paul Fountas, 3rd Anthony Braithwaite, 4th David Radz, 
5th Grant Warren, 6th Bryan McIntyre, 7th Cooper Warren,  8th Owen Lloyd,
9th Jeremy Austin, 10th Ted Wyeld.

Alec Hume Phillips, Seth Harrison, Maggie Evans, Torah Ferguson.

SCC 2023/2024 Season

 Grants South Coast Cycling 2023/24
City of Marion – Sunshade at the bike shed – Veranda $10,000
Active Club Grant -Club polo shirts $1,500
City of Onkaparinga – Community Event $2,805.00 and $1150 in-kind support

Junior Consistency, Alec Hume-Phillips.
Junior Encouragement Award, Robert Lloyd, Jai Teg.
Senior Consistency Award, Dan Drake.
Senior Encouragement Awards, Anthony Braithwaite.
South Coast Cycling Cyclist of the Year, Grant Warren.
Competed his coaching course and coaches juniors on Monday and  as well as setting them up on bikes , assists with coaching on Wednesday seniors group , here at the track early to open the shed and put out the signs, bbq gear on race night, and at the track on open days early to sweep the track. At racing is always happy to help out with bike repairs between and before races, sets up the BBQ , will cook sausages between races, Happy to tell everyone a joke and join in the fun of racing helping new comers with the events explaining the races.
Overall a great club member and volunteer and racer at Edwardstown.

Special award – Yoda Award – “Always pass on what you have learned.”, Paul Fountas.
He has  raced every week this season and share his advise to both juniors and seniors with so many years of racing and so  much knowledge and experience in  track racing, its  so great to see you share this with the Edwardstown group of riders.
You are always happy to help riders with race tactics and advise on how to race events as well as lending race gear to juniors for big events and you have given so much gear to the club to help the club bike supplies.

Sheep Station Award. David Radz.

Thankyou to Sponsor
Paul Fountas
Ruth (Jeremy) Austin
Niel Van Niekerk (Velo Pro)
Payneham Cycling Club

Thankyou to all the BBQ volunteers and specially to our members that give up racing to volunteer to cook the bbq, thanks to members who  purchased the BBQ supplies , thanks for those who help out at our Open events ( Liz and Lee Anne ) and  just to name a few of our regular bb cooks – Thank you
Grant and Cooper Warren
Jarrod and Jacob Currie
Bryan McIntyre
Nick Alec Hume-Phillips

Thank you to club coaches for Monday night juniors, Monday Any women any bike and for the Wednesday senior training nights – Thank you
Grant Warren, Bryan McIntyre, Tim Lennon, Mic Young, David Radz
Lee Anne Fleming – Any women any bike.
Elizabeth Green – Foundation program.
Luke Wright – Foundation program.

Thank you for the Derrney riders (scooter), David Radz, Anthony Braithwaite

Thank you to the sports med
Members that have come every week for the safety of the everyone

Thank you to the club official at Open events, Lorraine Schutz.

 Thank you to the Edwardstown Gate Keeper at the open events
Susan & Andrew Gooley

Thank you to the Edwardstown offline handicapper at open events, Sean Hennessy

 Thank you to the club officials
Ken Gooding
Roger Blackwell
Catherine Braithwaite