2011 Junior State Track Team

Following the conclusion of the South Australian Junior Track Cycling Championships the Team to contest the Australian Junior Track Championships in Sydney in March has been announced. 
The team is subject to final endorsement by the CSA Board.


The following South Coast Cyling club members were selected
Matt Holmes
Alex Radzikiewicz
Samantha Fromentin
Stacy Reidel
Derek Radzikiewicz
We wish all the riders the best of luck.

The full team is

U17 Men
Endurance Group
Josh Harrison*
Tom Kaesler*
Matt Holmes
Callum Scotson
Sprint Group
Jai Angsuthasawit*
Patrick Constable*
Alex Radzikiewicz*
U17 Women
Carla Franson
Samantha Fromentin
Stacy Reidel*
Holly Takos*
Jihae Park*
U15 Men
Jeone Park
Peter Pedler*
Derek Radzikiewicz*
U15 Women
Bonnie Grant
* denotes first time selection

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