End of the Edwardstown Track Season

SCC Edwardstown track season has ended last night 29 March, not much racing was done, due to the rain, however thanks to Theresa and Chris May everyone enjoyed sausages and hamburgers that warmed us all up.

This year’s track season has been short and very sweet with the new track and we are all looking forward to next season when the sports complex is open.

Hope to see everyone back at Edwardstown in October.

South Coast Cycling SCC Back in Action Edwardstown Velodrome 22 – 03 – 19.


Heart Starter Senior A – J. Hogan, J. Currie, E. Birrane, M. Young.
Heart Starter Senior B – M. Schmidke, S. Hennessy, D. Drake, J. Bessell.
Heart Starter Senior C & D – S. Johnson, P. Fountas, A. Hill, D. Slater.
Heart  Starter Junior 1  – E. Walker, M. Liebeknecht, H. Barton, A. Simpson.
Heart Starter Junior 2 – J. Currie, M. Wills – Hell, C. Johnson.
Heart Starter Junior 3 – S. Lennon, L. Underwood, R. Underwood, L. Schmidke.

Senior  A  Grade  Handicap  – M. Young, D. Radzikiewicz, B. McIntyre, A. Gwiazdzinski.
Senior  B Grade  Handicap  – S. Hennessy, J. Kelly, D. Miller(Can), D. Drake.
Senior  C & D Handicap – P. Fountas, L. Fleming, T. Simpson, A. Hill.
Juniors Handicap – S. Lennon, S. Wills – Hell, L. Underwood, R. Underwood.
Junior Handicap – M. Liebeknecht, E. Walker, A. Simpson, H. Barton.
Junior Handicap – M. Wills – Hell, D. Barton, W. Mathwin, A. Kelly.
Junior Handicap – S. Lennon, R. Underwood, L. Schmidke, L. Underwood.

Senior Handicap 2 laps  A Grade – J. Hogan, D. Radzikiewicz, A. Gwiazdzinski, B. McIntyre.
Senior Handicap 2 laps  B Grade – D. Miller(Can), D. Tattersall, S. Hennessy, D. Drake.
Senior Handicap 2 laps  C & D Grade – T. Simpson, L. Fleming, P. Fountas, A. Hill.
Junior Handicap 2 laps – M. Wills – Hell, W. Mathwin, M. Wills – Hell, A. Kelly.
Junior Handicap – J. Currie, M. Wills – Hell, C. Warren, C. Johnson.
Junior Handicap – S. Wills – Hell, L. Underwood, S. Lennon, R. Underwood.

Italian Pursuit Senior A & B  Team
00:00.00 – S. Hennessy, P. King, D. Radzikiewicz, M. Young, B. McIntyre, J. Currie, M. Schmidke.
Winner – J. Bessell, J. Kelly, D. Bottrill, D. Miller(Can), D. Drake, J. Currie, J. Currie.
Italian Pursuit Senior C & D  Team
Winner – G. Zlatkovic, A. Simpson, T. Simpson, D. Slater.
00:00.00 – P. Fountas, L. Fleming, S. Johnson, A. Hill.
Junior Team Italian Pursuit
Winner – H. Barton, E. Walker.
00:00.00 – A. Simpson, M. Liebeknecht.
Italian Pursuit Junior
Winner – P. Earl, L. Underwood, L. Underwood.
00:00.00 – S. Lennon, R. Underwood, S. Wills – Hell.
Italian Pursuit Junior
00:00.00 – Front Team
Winner – Back Team

A Grade Motor Pace 8 laps – J. Hogan, J. Currie, E. Birrane, M. Young.
B Grade Motor Pace 6 laps – D. Drake, M. Schmidke, J. Bessell, D. Tattersall.
C & D Motor Pace 5 laps – E. Walker, S. Johnson, A. Hill, P. Fountas.
Junior Scratch – J. Currie, M. Wills-Hell, C. Warren, C. Johnson.
Junior Scratch – S.Wills-Hell, L. Underwood, S. Lennon, R. Underwood.

Back to the Track

South Coast Cycling is back on newly resurfaced Edwardstown velodrome.


Training Sessions
Thursday 14 March – 5- 6.30 juniors, 6- 8pm seniors (no toilets available on site)
Friday 15 March 5- 6.30 pm juniors, 6 – 8 pm seniors (no toilets available on site)

RacingSCC Back on Track
Sunday 17 March 10 am – entries  closed
Nominations close 13 March.

Training Sessions
Monday 18 March 5.00 – 8.00
Wednesday 20 March 5.30 – 8.30

Friday 22 & 29 March 5.30 – 8.30 – nom on the night

Training Sessions
Monday 25 March 5.00 – 8.00
Wednesday 27 March 5.30 – 8.30

Grand Opening of Edwardstown Soldiers’ Memorial Recreation Ground
The City of Marion is hosting a free community event to celebrate the opening of the newly redeveloped Edwardstown Soldiers’ Memorial Recreation Grounds which will be held on site from 11:30am to 2pm on Saturday, 13 April  Edwardstown Opening Invitation 2019

Hope to see you all make to the new track for training and racing.

Please note that there will be no toilets available on site for the training session on the 14 and 15 March, however they will be open for Sunday 17 March.  The bar / community areas will not be open for Sunday 17 March but will open gradually with full operations on April 6th.

Please respect that this is a new construction and we are getting to use the facility before the official opening on the 13 April.

Australia Day Track Carnival

Saturday 26 January 2019 1.30 pm start
Blue Lake Sport Park Velodrome – Mt Gambier

Entries Close today (Monday 21 Jan)

Nominations:   Entries up to 11.30 pm 21 January 2019 Senior (Open, U19, Masters) $30 and Junior $20 all nominations include fees.

Please nominate using the link: https://entryboss.cc/races/1866

If you don’t already have a account/profile with EnterBoss you will need to Sign up and create one.

If you are interest in travelling down by bus , please email Catherine ASAP to secure your seat on the bus , luggage room in the trailer and bed for the night. – the cost of the bus hire and accommodation will be shared amongst those travelling and supported by SCC fundraising activities.

If you are able to support this event with sponsorship small or LARGE  please contact Catherine by email.

Mt Gambier Cycling club will be holding  a track racing event on Sunday 27 January 2019  – online entries available at https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=457557


Inquiries: Catherine ? email@southcoastcycling.org.au

Boxing Day Results 2018

Women’s Mayors Trophy Podium

City of Holdfast Bay Women’s Mayors Trophy
1st  Natalie Redmond
2nd Tiffany CROMWELL
3rd Jessica MUNDY

Men’s Championship Podium

Les Gill Men’s Glenelg Street Race
1st Leo Simmons
2nd Tom Chapman
3rd Justin Gassner

All SLS & Junior Criterium results are within the program results at the top of the list above.