Back to the Track Carnival

” BACK to the Edwardstown TRACK DAY”

Cyclists of all levels are welcome to come along and enjoy outdoor Track Cycling with South Coast Cycling in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You will need a AusCycling Race Licence to race this event.

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Annual General Meeting

South Coast Cycling club would like to advise of the upcoming Annual General Meeting – to be held on Friday the 9 April 2021. The meeting will commence at 7pm  and will be held at the Edwardstown Soldiers’ Memorial Recreation Ground community room.

Members are encouraged to consider participating in the administration of our great Club, by nominating to join the Committee or offering assistance in other ways.

The AGM will be followed by a meeting at 8 pm  for those interested in assisting with the club hosting  a Junior Tour .Please do come along and  join in the discussion so that the club can set out the Tour dates , courses and as we all know many hands make light work.

Should you have any queries regarding the AGM or the Junior Tour meeting, please contact the Club Secretary at

Catherine Braithwaite

Latest Results

South Coast Cycling Friday Track Racing 26/03/2021 End of Season Event.

Heart Starter Seniors not racing the Madison – D. Drake, D. Goldfinch, M. Pentland, J. Austin.
Heart Starter Senior  D – S. Harris, A. Braithwaite, T. May.
Heart  Starter Junior 1  – L. Van der Berg  , P. Earl, J. Pentland, D. Gantley.

Madison – Orange 18pts, Green – 16pts, Gray – 8pts, Black – 7 pts, Blue – 5pts, White – 1 pt.

Senior    Grade  Handicap  – C. Warren, D. Radzikiewicz, G. Warren, L. Fleming.
Senior    Grade  Handicap  – S. Harris, T. May, R. Lam, J. Austin.
Junior  Le – Mans Handicap – J. Pentland, P. Earl, J. Gooley, L. Van der Berg  .

Senior Rev Scratch – L. Fleming, G. Warren, T. May, S. Harris.
Senior Rev Scratch – D. Radzikiewicz, D. Green, M. Pentland, C. Warren.
Senior Rev Scratch – J. Currie, B. McIntyre, J. Austin.
Junior Rev Scratch – L. Van der Berg  , P. Earl, J. Pentland, D. Gantley.

Grass Racing  – D. Radzikiewicz, J. Austin, B. Brown, R. Lam.
Grass Racing  – J. Currie, D. Drake, D. Goldfinch, C. Warren.
Grass Racing  – P. Earl, L. Van der Berg  , G. Mahney, D. Gantley.
Grass Racing  – J. Pentland, J. Gooley, M. Hennessy, H. Brown.
Grass Racing  – C. Warren, ? , D. Goldfinch, J. Currie.
Grass Racing  – R. Lam, L. Fleming, E. Green, G. Warren.
Grass Racing  – B. Brown, J. Austin, B. McIntyre, D. Radzikiewicz.
Grass Racing  – P. Earl, G. Mahney, E. Green.

All In Motor Pace
J. Currie , D. Goldfinch, B. McIntyre, D. Drake, J. Austin , J. Kelly , M. Pentland , C. Warren, D. Radzikiewicz, D. Green, R. Lam, L. Van der Berg.