BBQ Volunteers – E’Town needs you

Calling BBQ Volunteers for the remainder of SCC Track Season 2020/21
With another 7 weeks of Friday nights left at Edwardstown, we’re looking to put together a roster for running the BBQ.
The BBQ is part of what makes Friday nights at Edwardstown what it is, so it’d be great to see everyone do their bit and share the love.
Anyone willing to help out: could you please reply to our facebook post “Calling BBQ Volunteers…” or email us with a date that you’re available and we’ll see what we can put together?
Dates are basically every Friday from now thru March 26 (plus the Interclub on March 8th)
Even if you are a regular rider – why not have a night off, grab some tongs & heckle the riders. Free snags for you also !!!
p.s. We already have volunteers for Feb 12th & Feb 19th.

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