Blasting closing Veloway – Secombe Rd to Majors Rd

The veloway will be subject to ongoing short term closures to ensure public safety during controlled blasting. Given the close proximity of the Patrick Jonker Veloway to the controlled blasting activities, cyclists will not be able to access the veloway between Majors Road and Seacombe Road for up to 1.5 hours as a safety precaution when blasting is occurring.

·         Veloway closed from Mid-July (between Majors Road and Seacombe Road) from 12.00pm – 1.30pm on days of blasting.

·         Blasting is expected to occur two to three times a week and continue for the next 9 months.

Cyclists can register to receive blast notifications and will receive SMS notice in advance of each short term closure. To register for advanced blast notice, please call 1300 626 097 or email

On-site signage will also be in place to notify cyclists of the status of access to the veloway.

For more detailed information about the controlled blasting of the escarpment please visit

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