SCC Australia Day Track Carnival 2016 Report

SCC organised a fantastic day of racing at Edwardstown Velodrome on Australia Day for 2016.

Female & Male riders of all abilities, ages, shapes & sizes were on show ranging from Little Trakeez to future stars in junior ranks to some old heads in Masters Ranks to some of South Australia’s elite local riders.

Some folks out to beat personal bests or having a roll around with friends – we had it all covered.

Heart starters for all grades started the ball rolling.

  • 1 lap handicap races – Matthew Opperman, Michael Chaffey, Philip McIntosh, Lewis Walker, Tyler Stevens, Jacob Currie had good wins in the 1 lap dash with the biggest cheers reserved for the Little
  • Trakeez – Gemma Chaffey, Isabella Currie & Sophie Lennon who all also roared around the track for half lap time trials.

Peoples Choice Credit Union Wheel Race Finals with the winners being:

  • Senior Men – Malcolm Clasohm (135mts)
  • Senior Women – Isabella Dashorst (30mts)
  • Junior Men – Tyler Stevens (310 mts)
  • Junior Women – Rayna Anesbury (30 mts)

These were feature events on the program – lots of tactics to save the legs for the final sprint coming

Flying 200’s – By invitation each rider did 2 laps behind the motorbike & wound up for a flying 200 with Matt Franks was red hot 11.60 just pipping Sean Hennessy by 0.06 seconds in hot & slightly windy conditions.

Senior & Junior Italian pursuits were popular viewing with riders of all ages working together.

Motor pacing for Seniors & Junior A grade were hotly contested with winners including Matt Franks, Andrew Welch, Gemma Kernich & Tristan Saunders.

Junior Scratch races provided wins for Noah Davies, Oliver Wilson & Harrison Opperman.

Madison Invitation Race – A first for our track carnival proved to be a hit with riders & spectators –

we hope to grow this event each year. Phil Dixon & Sean Hennessy showed their class in what was quite a brutal pace & race throughout.

It was great to have our friends from Whyalla, Mount Gambier and Riverland CC’s on board for racing.

Some of the Italian Pursuits saw “Country v City” teams that offered a chance for bragging rights.

Being able to set up teams was a great opportunity to get those competing into “team mode” for our InterClub Event on Adelaide Cup day. Please keep an eye out for that event on March 14th at Edwardstown & get involved.

These country clubs need our support so please race at their events & return the support they give the city clubs.

All in all around 70 riders participated & we hope that all had a great day like we did.

As you can see there was a race for everyone – sprinters, enduros & all in between in our busy program. Thank you to all who played a part in making it a successful day.

Hope to see you all out there for Australia Day 2017.

Results, South Coast Cycling – 2016 Australia Day Carnival – Edwardstown Velodrome

Senior Pertaringa McLaren Vale Wine Heart Starter – A Grade (6 laps)

  • 1st Phillip Dixon, 2nd Sean Hennessy, 3rd Simon Eglington, 4th David Radzikiewicz.

Senior B Grade Pertaringa McLaren Vale Wine Heart Starter (6 laps)

  • 1st Malcolm Clasohm, 2nd Michael Young, 3rd Bryan McIntyre

Senior C Grade Pertaringa McLaren Vale Wine Heart Starter (5 laps)

  • 1st Andrew Welch, 2nd Christopher Spence, 3rd Sue_Ann Woodwiss.

Senior  Pertaringa McLaren Vale Wine Heart Starter – D Grade  (5 laps)

  • 1st Ken Little, 2nd Lee-Anne Fleming

Junior A Grade Master Cycles Heart Starter ( 4 laps)

  • 1st Lewis Walker, 2nd Tristan Saunders, 3rd Luke Wright.

Junior B Grade Master Cycles Heart Starter ( 4 laps)

  • 1st Noah Davis, 2nd Heather May.

Junior C Grade Azimuth Scaffolding Heart Starter ( 3 laps)

  • 1st Alec Johnson, 2nd Oliver Wilson, 3rd Rayna Anesbury.

Junior D Grade Asett Engineering Heart Starter (3 laps)

  • 1st Tess Wight, 2nd Jacob Currie, 3rd Tyler Stevens.

Kidz Little Trakzee’s  Time Trial 1/2 Lap

  • Isabella Currie – 0:37.77, Sophie Lennon – 0:54.17, Gemma Chaffey – 1:09.02

Senior Men People’s Choice Credit Union Wheelrace Final (4 lap)

  • 1st Malcolm Clasohm (135mts), 2nd Tim Lennon (130mts), 3rd Dean Botrill (115mts), P. Dixon (10mts),

Senior Women People’s Choice Credit Union Wheelrace (2 lap)

  • 1st Isabella Dashorst (30mts), 2nd Sue_Ann Woodwiss (35mts), 3rd Lee-Anne Fleming (115mts).

Junior Men People’s Choice Credit Union Wheelrace Final (2 lap)

  • 1st Tyler Stevens (310mts), 2nd Lewis Walker (Sc), 3rd Jacob Currie (270mts).

Junior Women People’s Choice Credit Union Wheelrace Final (1 lap)

  • 1st Rayna Anesbury 30mts), 2nd Heather May (Sc), 3rd Tess Wight (50mts).

Senior Azimuth Scaffolding Italian Pursuit.

  • 1st 1:51.08 – M.Clasohm, K. Little, C. Morreski, M. Ireland, L. Stevens, J. Pratzel.
  • 2nd 1:55.58 – S. Harris, A. Gwiazdzinski, M. Chaffey, T. Lennon, I. Dashorst, P. Mcintosh.
  • 3rd 1:56.67 – J. Bessell, G. Kernich, T. Manning, P. Bole-Schneider, L. Flemming, M. Gregory.

Junior 2 King of Bling Italian Pursuit.

  • 1st 1:35.43- L. Wright, L. Walker, C. Jacob, J. Opperman, A. Wright.
  • 2nd 1:35.84 – A. Johnson, M. Fox, T. Fox, T. Saunders, D. Tattersall.
  • 3rd 1:38.41 – D. Key, R. Anesbury, O. Wilson, B. Jones, I. Kelly.

Junior 1 Paul King Plumbing Italian Pursuit.

  • 1st 1:10 – S. Wight, T. Wight, H. Opperman.
  • 2nd 1:27 – J. Jones, J. Currie, T. Stevens.

Senior A Grade South Coast Cycling Australia Day Handicap    ( 1 lap )

  • 1st Matthew Opperman (25mts), 2nd Sean Hennessy (10mts), 3rd Tim Lennon (40mts).

Senior B GradeSouthCoast Cycling Australia Day Handicap  ( 1 lap )

  • 1st Michael Chaffey (35mts), 2nd Malcolm Clasohm (25mts), 3rd Bryan McIntyre (15mts).

Senior C/D Grade  South Coast Cycling Australia Day Handicap   ( 1 lap )

  • 1st Philip McIntosh (35mts), 2nd Lee-Anne Fleming (70mts), 3rd Tessa Manning (40mts).

Junior U17  Asset Engineering Handicap (2 laps)

  • 1st Lewis Walker (Sc, 2nd Luke Wright (15mts), 3rd Tristan Saunders (10mts).

Junior U15  King of Bling Handicap (1 lap)

  • 1st Tyler Stevens (150mts), 2nd Oliver Wilson (55mts), 3rd Rayna Anesbury (55mts).

Junior U13 /U11 Blackdog Fabrication Handicap (1 lap)

  • 1st Jacob Currie (130mts), 2nd Jacinta Jones (160mts), 3rd Sophie Wight (145mts).

KIDZ Little Trakzee’s Rideabike Right Handicap (1 Lap )

  • Gemma Chaffey, Isabella Currie, Sophie Lennon.

Senior Men Edwardstown Football Club Invitation Flying 200m

  • 1st Mathew Franks 11.60, 2nd Sean Hennessy 11.66, David Radzikiewicz 12.19.

Senior A/B Men Master Cycles Motor Pace  (15 laps)

  • 1st Mathew Franks, 2nd Simon Eglington, 3rd Malcolm Clasohm

Senior Men Paul King Plumbing Motor Pace  C/D Grade (8 laps)

  • 1st Andrew Welch, 2nd Philip McIntosh, 3rd Christopher Spence.

Senior Women Master Cycles Motor Pace Race (8 laps)

  • 1st Gemma Kernich, 2nd Tessa Manning, 3rd Isabella Dashorst.

Junior A Grade Ride Magazine Motor Pace ( 8 laps)

  • 1st Tristan Saunders, 2nd Lewis Walker, 3rd Jack Opperman.

Junior B Grade Asett Engineering Scratch Race  ( 5 laps)

  • 1st Noah Davis, 2nd Elliott Walker.

Junior C Grade Ride Magazine Scratch Race  ( 5 Laps)

  • 1st Oliver Wilson, 2nd Alec Johnson, 3rd Cooper Jacobs.

Junior D Grade Ride Magazine Scratch Race ( 3 laps )

  • 1st Harrison Opperman, 2nd Jacob Currie, 3rd Tyler Stevens.

Edwardstown Solider Memorial Recreational Grounds Committee Invitation  Madison 40 Laps

  • 1st Phil Dixon / Sean Hennessy, 2nd Steve Sabine / James Kelly, 3rd Bryan McIntyre / Lewis Walker.

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