seeking nominations from SCC to the Edwardstown Soldiers Memorial Community Club ( ESMCC ) Committee  / Board.

ESMRG Board Advertisement FINAL

ESMRG Nomination forms FINAL 


Afternoon SCCC,

As alluded recently we are now seeking nominations from your club to the Edwardstown Soldiers Memorial Community Club ( ESMCC ) Committee  / Board.

As you may or may not be aware the ESMCC remains an incorporated body but without an active Board. As per requirements under the act, a Public Officer remains in position and will relinquish their position upon the forming of a new Board. This Public Officer will be available to undertake any transfer of documents as required to the new group along with Council assistance and resources. The Board is required to meet monthly with an AGM.

As you are aware a highly credentialed Facility Manager ( FM ) has been employed to run all operations within the facility. He will be employed and answer directly and only to the Board however Council will subsidise his salary in full in perpetuity. Council has established a comprehensive and highly achievable business plan of which the FM will implement with direction provided by the Board. The Business Plan also provides a Council subsidy for the first three years of operations to ensure the facility is provided with every opportunity to succeed and be the facility your club wants it to be both financially and operationally.

As a Community / Sporting facility it is essential that those directing the ESMRG’s future come from the community and sporting groups who will gain the most benefit from this redeveloped precinct. As such for your club to have a voice in the facility your club as a major stakeholder, must be represented.

I have attached a copy of the ESMCC constitution for reference along with a nominations form and general information regarding the development which I am confident you are more than well informed on. As per the constitution, clubs can have a maximum of 3 representatives to prevent any stacking or preference to one group in voting. However it must also be noted that if less than 8 nominations are received the Board will form regardless and this could lead to a 4 or 5 person Board with potentially 3 representatives from one group or affiliate.

In line with constitution guidelines we will also be advertising within the general public by the following means:

  • Stakeholder engagement list
  • All peak sporting bodies and associations affiliated with the ESMRG
  • Leaflet drops to all houses within the boundary of South, Daws, Cross & Marion Roads
  • Community groups

I am more than happy to answer any questions you, your members or committees may have in regards to this email and its contents.

Once nominations are received a public meeting will be held early in the new year officiated by a Justice of the Peace whereby a last call for nominations will be made and if required voting will be undertaken or simply the formation of the Board. I will be available in a permanent basis to assist the Board in any way required.

The referred link on the attached leaflet will be active tomorrow afternoon. I will leave this with you to distribute within your club as required.

Applications close Friday the 14th December at 4pm

Many Thanks

James O’Hanlon
Unit Manager Sport & Recreation City of Marion

P 08 7420 6428  M 0466 432 894
E James.O’| W

PO Box 21 Oaklands Park SA 5046
PO Box 21 Oaklands Park SA 5046 | 935 Marion Road Mitchell Park SA 5043

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James O’Hanlon
Unit Manager Sport & Recreation Facilities | City of Marion

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E James.O’ |

PO Box 21 Oaklands Park SA 5046
935 Marion Road Mitchell Park SA 5043

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