Latest Results 1 Mar 2024

South Coast Cycling presents South Coast Series (week 2) 1 Mar 2024, Edwardstown Velodrome.

Heart Starter Senior A – D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, J. Austin, M. Buckley.
Heart Starter Senior B & C – O. Lloyd, E. Green, C. Warren, A. Foundas.
Heart Starter Senior D – G. Warren, P. Fountas, A. Braithwaite.
Heart Starter Junior  – S. Harrison, T. Ferguson, M. Evans, J. Singh_Sandhu.

Time Trial – S. Harrison 00:42.77, M. Evans – 00:49.08, T. Ferguson – 00:50.07, J. Singh_Sandhu – 01:04.22.

All In Handicap 3 Lap – P. Fountas, G. Warren, C. Warren, E. Green.

Pairs Time Trial – A Foundas &  M Buckley -1:17.61, C Warren &  E Green – 1:18.87, J Austin. & E Green – 1:20.64, P Fountas. & D Radzikiewicz – 1:21.33, S. Harrison & P. Fountas – 1:21.47, A. Braithwaite & D. Drake – 1:23.17, G. Warren & C. Warren – 1:25.49, M. Evans & T. Ferguson – 1:32.59, J. Singh_Sandhu & M. Buckley – 1:48.73.

Italian Pursuit .
02:52.14 – J. Singh_Sandhu, M. Evans, P. Fountas, G. Warren, D. Drake, M. Buckley, E. Green, D. Drake.
02:44.59 – S. Harrison, T. Ferguson, D. Radzikiewicz, J. Austin, C. Warren, A. Foundas, A. Braithwaite, O. Lloyd.

All In Handicap 3 Lap – P. Fountas, T. Ferguson, M. Evans, G. Warren.
Junior Handicap 1 Lap – J. Singh_Sandhu, M. Evans, T. Ferguson, S. Harrison.

Senior Motor Pace – D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, J. Austin, M. Buckley.
Senior Motor Pace – C. Warren, O. Lloyd, E. Green, A. Foundas.
Sr D Grade Motor Pace – P. Fountas, G. Warren, M. Evans, T. Ferguson.

Ruth Austin Series Winners

This week after racing we had presentations of the Ruth Austin Series Winners
Huge Thank you to Ruth Austin (Jeremy’s mum) for the sponsorship.
We really appreciate the support like this from Ruth – it’s a nice little way to put up
some prize money for the riders who turn up regularly.
Not sheep stations (for most!!!) but good hard racing & some banter makes it a cracker of a way to spend a Friday night after the work week.



Attention Juniors


Enter events for a change to Win a Commonwealth Games Australian Track Team kit (juniors size) .


Jersey says  “Commonwealth Games Trinbago  2023” the kit is from the  Commonwealth Youth Games !

To gain a raffle tickets, juniors will receive a ticket in the draw for every SCC track event they enter (Monday SCC training, Friday night racing, 26 Jan Australia Day Carnival, Monday 11 March: Adelaide Cup Day Carnival)

The more events entered the more tickets and increased chances of winning the Commonwealth Games Australian Track Team kit.

The raffle draw will take place on the last Friday night of 2023-Edwardstown Track racing season.

Catherine Braithwaite