Paul King Plumbing Series Winners


1st Grant Warren
2nd Dan Drake
3rd Copper Warren
4th Bryan McIntyre
4th David Radz
4th Jarrod Currie

1st Dan Drake
2nd Bryan McIntyre
3rd David Radz
3rd Jarrod Currie

1st Copper Warren
2nd Paul King
3nd Jacob Currie

1st Grant Warren
2nd Lee Anne Fleming
3rd David Schutz

1st Lawson McInnes
2nd Zac Bryant
3rd Joel Gooley
4th Annabelle Kelly
5th Henry Brown

Latest Results

South Coast Cycling Friday Night Track Racing 26 Nov 2021.

Heart Starter Senior 1 – J. Koop, D. Drake, A. CUNNIFF, D. Radzikiewicz.
Heart Starter Senior 2 – C. WARREN, K. Franson, R. Lam.
Heart Starter Senior 3 – T. Earl, G. Warren, L. Fleming.
Heart  Starter Junior 1  – P. Earl, L. McInnes, T. CUNNIFF, D. Gantley.

Time Trial Srs  D. Drake – 39.19, R. Lam – 40.69, K. Franson – 41.15, C. WARREN – 41.22, A. CUNNIFF – 41.28, D. Radzikiewicz – 41.53, M. Young – 42.24, T. Earl – 43.85, G. Warren – 46.31, L. Fleming – 55, J. Koop – 62.46.
Jrs L. McInnes – 47.69, T. CUNNIFF – 50.06, P. Earl – 51.56, A. Hume – Phillips – 51.9, D. Gantley – 53.72, H. LOVEDAY – 59.07, H. Brown – 64.78, K. Bilsborow – 65.06.

Heart Starter Junior 2 – H. LOVEDAY, H. Brown, K. Bilsborow.

Junior Handicap – H. Brown, K. Bilsborow, D. Gantley, H. LOVEDAY.

Italian Pursuit Senior  Team
01:57.19 – J. Koop, A. CUNNIFF, D. Radzikiewicz, C. WARREN, R. Lam, G. Warren.
02:00.71 – D. Drake, M. Young, K. Franson, T. Earl, L. Fleming, D. Drake.
Junior  Team Italian Pursuit
01:43.22 – P. Earl, T. CUNNIFF, A. Hume – Phillips, H. LOVEDAY.
01:42.10 – L. McInnes, D. Gantley, H. Brown, K. Bilsborow.

Senior Scratch – J. Koop, D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, A. CUNNIFF.
Senior Scratch – C. WARREN, K. Franson, R. Lam.
Senior  Scratch – T. Earl, G. Warren, L. Fleming.
Junior Scratch – P. Earl, T. CUNNIFF, H. Brown, K. Bilsborow.

South Coast Cycling & Mt Gambier Cycling Club Track Carnival

South Coast Cycling & Mt Gambier Cycling Club Track Carnival

We are once again teaming up with our friends @ Mt Gambier CC for another great couple of days of track racing.

15 & 16 January 2022
@ Mt Gambier Velodrome
2 days of Racing ?
Get organised & book your accommodation
Save the Date
And join us on the Saturday night for a get together for dinner ?

More details to come including nominations via entryboss

2021-22 Track Season

Entries are through EntryBoss

for Both Training & Racing.    Here

22 October : Paul King Plumbing series
29 October : Paul King Plumbing  series
5 November : Paul King Plumbing  series
12 November: Paul King Plumbing series
19 November: Presentation Paul King Plumbing series

26 November : It takes a Village Omnium night
3 December : It takes a Village Omnium night

10 December : Christmas cup on Wheels

17 December : Last Track Night for the  Year

Club Fundraiser

South Coast Cycling is selling the Entertainment Book/Mobile as a fundraiser

Our Online Order Page link, Here