South Coast Track Cycling Training – Edwardstown Velodrome

All participants must register with the track volunteer/coach, fill out the track registration book and pay before getting started on the track.

  • An Australian standard helmet is compulsory.
  • Gloves are highly recommended for training.
  • Shoulders must be covered at all times when riding on the track

South Coast Cycling Loan Bikes
The club has a number of loan track bikes. Please arrive at the track early to get set up on club loan bike. Riders will need to bring along an approved helmet. If riders have cycling shoes please bring them along with your pedals. If riders do not have cycling shoes and pedals, wear sneakers or enclosed shoes as the club has flat pedals for these bikes. SCC Members Loan bikes are free, None SCC members the Loan Bike Fee is $5.00 per session.

South Coast Track Cycling Information
At South Coast Cycling summer track events on Monday and Wednesdays (training) and Fridays (racing) our aim is to provide a fun, safe and enjoyable environment where young riders can learn how to ride on a velodrome. In order to do this it is important that some basic rules are followed.

Riding on the Track

  • It is crucial that the gate is kept shut at all times.
  • When you leave or enter the track please ensure that you close it behind you.
  • In terms of crossing the track, you must always look to see if any riders are coming, just like crossing a road. Parents need to watch and assist their children when they are crossing the track.
  • In regards to actual riding, the most important thing is of course to keep pedaling and looking
    straight ahead. To ride straight you must look straight.
  • The best place to ride is in the sprinters lane. This is the shortest and fastest way around the track.
  • To overtake you must always pass on the right hand side, ensuring you leave plenty of room.

If ever you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Above all, South Coast Track Cycling at Edwardstown is all about having FUN!!!!!


  • Riders, please ensure you are ready to commence the session on time.
  • Please remember that the coaches, officials and volunteers at the club give their time freely.
    Without them there would be no training or racing. They are doing their best to ensure that training
    nights are carried out in an orderly and safe fashion and is fun for all riders.
  • Any riders who are not following the coach’s instructions or are disrupting the session will be asked
    to leave the session.
  • During training session times there is strictly no private training allowed.
  • The coach/s will determine when a rider is ready to progress from the Monday session to the Wednesday Session
  • During all training sessions all parents are to remain outside of the fence to the track. The only parents allowed on to the track are ones invited by the coach/s to assist. Strictly no other parents on the track allowed.