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Saturday 16 June 2012Event has been run

South Coast Cycling presents the 17th John Venturi Road Race including Su Spencer Junior Road Races

The Range, Willunga.  Range Map


To download the John Venturi Road Race Results, CLICK HERE.

Su Spence Junior Road Race

A Grade –  M Holmes ( SCC ) , A. Porter (KCC) , R. Wright ( SHM), T. Beddome (KCC)

B Grade – S, Perti (NCC), C. Pearce (NCC), B. O’Shea (CD), C. Margaritis (WCC)

C Grade – J. Drizners (KCC) , L. Prider (SCC) , K. Branson (PAC) , A. Cutts (SHM)

D Grade   L. Kelly (CD) , P. McIntosh (SCC)

John Venturi Senior Road Race

Open A Grade (85km) A Edmondson T Jones A Kinnane R Gill Unplaced SCC rider D Parsons

Open B Grade (85km) J Kerley J Tattersall S Kavanagh M Wheeler D Cullen

Open C Grade (68km) D Smith S Cox R Scheuboeck T Russell D Gomer Unplaced SCC rider B McIntyre

Open D Grade (51km) K Porker S Fielke R Woolfe L Barker A Bemmer Unplaced SCC rider M Hofeer

Open F Grade (34km)   R Allan M Custance B Baird

Open Women K. Parfitt C. Franson L. Barker




Cold breezy  conditions met  E Grade first away in the John Venturi  graded road races on Saturday at The Range, covering the first lap in 31 minutes.

Richard Allan ( PACC,) Meriel Custance  (SL ), and DavidValente (SHM )  attacked on the climb to the finish line and rode away from the rest of the field.

Damp conditions began to descend on the circuit.

On the final lap Allan attacked again  to take line  honors by 1 minute  from  Meriel Custance with  Bob Baird overtaking David Valente to finish 3rd

Several scratchings from D  Grade reduced the field to 20 riders.

Steven Fielke (NCC), Lucy Barker (NCC) and Kenton Porker (SHM) led the field over the line in the  first lap  in  26 minutes.   The pace was maintained for the next three laps with Fielke, Barker, Rick Woolfe , and Porker  driving the field to the finish line.

A close sprint finish to the line saw Porker cross first to defeat Fielke and Woolfe 2nd and 3rd respectively.


C Grade began with rain looming over the range making the light conditions very gloomy.

A large field of 24 riders  held together for their 68km event with Chris Hewson (PACC) and Matthew Double (SHM) losing contact in the 3rd lap.

A Strong bunch finish on the slightly uphill finish saw Daniel Smith (PACC) record his first road race win, beating Sean Cox and RayScheuboeck  for minor placings.

Both B Grade and A Grade  events were now coming into further bad  weather conditions with the Commissaires calling to say fog was rolling in over the range on Meadows road.and reducing visability to 20 – 30 metres.

B Grade were about to receive the bell lap for their 85km event when the Chief Commissaire called on the radio to say the A Graders would also be given the bell lap much to the delight of the A Graders…..

It was a very tight finish for the placings in B Grade.

The review  of the video gave Joel Kerley (NCC) the win from Jason Tattersall and Steven Kavanagh.

London Olympian Alex Edmondson burst out of the foggy finish line to win A Grade from last year’s highest placed finisher racing this year Tristan Jones and Alex Kinnane 3rd.

Alex Edmondson was presented  the John Venturi Trophy by Deb Venturi (wife of the late John Venturi) as the winner of the event.

South Coast Cycling Club acknowledges the support the Club received from CSA personnel, Comissaires and Club volunteers in staging the 17th John Venturi Road Race.
David Schutz
South Coast Cycling


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JV2012 A Grade


JV 2012 D Grade presentation

JV 2012 D Grade presentation


jv12 005 A Grade Alex

JV 2012 Open A Grade – 1st Alex Edmondson


JV 2012 Open A Grade - 2nd Tristan Jones

JV 2012 Open A Grade – 2nd Tristan Jones



JV 2012 Open A Grade 3rd place Alex Kinnane

JV 2012 Open A Grade 3rd place Alex Kinnane


JV 2012 Open A Grade - Sprint for Minor places - 4th, 5th 6th

JV 2012 Open A Grade – Sprint for Minor places – 4th, 5th 6th



JV 2012 Finish of Open B Grade

JV 2012 Finish of Open B Grade