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South Coast Cycling Friday Track Racing Edwardstown Velodrome 22 Oct 2021.

Heart Starter Senior 1 – J. Currie, D. Drake, B. McIntyre, M. Young.
Heart Starter Senior 2 – P. King, J. Currie, K. Franson, C. WARREN.
Heart Starter Senior 3 – T. Earl, D. Green, G. Warren, D. Schutz.
Heart Starter Junior 2 – P. Earl, L. McInnes, I. Beggs, G. MAHNEY.

Time Trial – I. Beggs -46.20, L. McInnes – 49.37, P. Earl – 49.70, G. MAHNEY – 50.00, H. Brown – 59.45
Senior  Handicap  – D. Radzikiewicz, M. Young, J. Currie, B. McIntyre.
Senior  Handicap  – C. WARREN, K. Franson, R. Lam, J. Kelly.
Senior D  Handicap – G. Warren, D. Schutz, T. Earl, L. Fleming.

Italian Pursuit  All In  Teams
01:38.29 – P. King, L. Fleming, J. Currie, R. Lam, J. Currie.
01:38.84 – J. Currie, J. Kelly, D. Schutz, B. McIntyre, B. McIntyre.
01:36.55 – G. Warren, K. Franson, J. Austin, D. Drake, D. Drake.
01:37.11 – T. Earl, D. Green, D. Radzikiewicz, M. Young, C. WARREN.
Junior  Team Italian Pursuit .
01:10.24 – H. Brown, L. McInnes, G. MAHNEY.
01:17.31 – P. Earl, I. Beggs, I. Beggs.

2 Lap Seniors Handicap – J. Currie, J. Currie, D. Green, B. McIntyre.
2 Lap Junior Handicap – P. Earl, I. Beggs, L. McInnes, H. Brown.

Senior Scratch – J. Currie, D. Drake, B. McIntyre, J. Austin.
Senior Scratch – C. WARREN, P. King, J. Currie, R. Lam.
Senior  Scratch – I. Beggs, T. Earl, G. Warren, L. Fleming.
Junior Scratch – P. Earl, L. McInnes, H. Brown.

2021-22 Track Season

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for Both Training & Racing.    Here

22 October : Paul King Plumbing series
29 October : Paul King Plumbing  series
5 November : Paul King Plumbing  series
12 November: Paul King Plumbing series
19 November: Presentation Paul King Plumbing series

26 November : It takes a Village Omnium night
3 December : It takes a Village Omnium night

10 December : Christmas cup on Wheels

17 December : Last Track Night for the  Year

Club Fundraiser

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