Latest Results 2 Dec 22

South Coast Cycling Friday Night Track Racing 2 December 2022

Edwardstown Velodrome

Heart Starter Senior 1 – D. Miller, J. Kelly, T.Wyeld, M. Young.
Heart Starter Senior 2/3 – T. Earl, L.Fleming , P. Grivell, G. Warren

All in Handicap  – H.Brown, L. Fleming, B.Brown, T.Earl

Senior 2 up Time Trail
J. Kelly & R.Lam 1:13:31
T. Earl & M. Young 1:15:34
D Miller & L. Fleming 1:16:59

G . Warren. & B. Brown 1:17:25
P. Grivell & T. Wyeld 1:27:98

Junior 2 up Time Trail
H. Brown & D. Gantley  1:43:50

Italian Pursuit
1:58:94 – L. Fleming, D. Gantley, D. Millar, T. Wyeld, J. Kelly, T. Earl
2:04:11 – M. Young, G. Warren , H. Brown , B. Brown , R. Lam. P, Grivell

Novelty Slow race:  M. Young, J. Kelly, T. Wyeld, T. Earl

Senior 1 Scratch race: D. Miller, M. Young, T. Welyd
Senior 2 Scratch race: T. Earl, D. Gantley, P. Grivell

Senior 3 Scratch race: G. Warren, L. Fleming


For a club of our size we definitely punched above our weight with the number of riders who
participated in this years series.
We had 24 riders competing in the series overall with pretty much every grade covered.
Some outstanding performances of note & as with teams racing not everyone gets on the podium but contributions to team work & team results are so important.
Well done to all riders who rode the series especially those from SCC, Juniors and Seniors alike.
The list of riders below was gathered from the official results on the Super Series website.
If we have missed any SCC riders pls let us know.
All riders below were sent an email asking for a comment on how their series went, thoughts & maybe a pic.
For those who didn’t provide an email response – we hope to get some feedback from you next yr 😉

Thank you to @rideadelaide for the pic of Matt Fox on the front working hard at Unley amongst the Elite Men.

Boxing Day Criterium & Straight Line Sprints

Our iconic Boxing Day Criterium & Straight Line Sprints competition are on again this year in beautiful Glenelg.
Nomnations are open right here right now … ENTRYBOSS

Why not dust off the cobwebs from Xmas Day celebrations & join us for a great day on the SA cycling calendar.
Let’s make this a big one.

Very Special Thank You
Wishes to acknowledge and thank all those who have contributed to assisting getting our event together.

City of Holdfast Bay
Glenelg Street Traders
AusCycling SA
Department of Sport & Recreation
AusCycling SA Commissaires
Handicappers –Sr AusCSA & NCC list
Commentator – Graeme Zucker, John Kelly.
SCC members, volunteers and supporters of our event

More information
Club Website:

Feature Events …
Les Gill, Men’s Glenelg Street Race
City of Holdfast Bay Women’s Mayors Trophy
General Graded Criteriums
Junior Graded Criteriums
Little Critters Ride
Straight Line Sprints

Monday & Wednesday Night Training Returns from Wednesday October 5th

First training session for season 2022/23 at Etown is on Wed October 5th…WEATHER PERMITTING !
We are trying something a little different than previous years with Track Training.
Mixed junior and senior training on Monday’s and Wednesday for October.
We will have a skills focus for both with groups divided on ability as well as fitness.
5:30 warmups for 6pm training start.
Let’s see what support we get for these sessions & we will evaluate what we do from then on.
You can nominate on entryboss

Thankyou to Onkaparinga council 2022 Small Equipment grant

Thankyou to Onkaparinga council 2022 Small Equipment grant
for providing funds for the club to purchase a coffee machine
for use at SCC social , training and racing events
and will be very much appreciated on Friday night racing at Edwardstown
Thanks Catherine