Junior Tour Results

Stage 1 U 13 Boy’s & Girls Combined-_result
Stage 1 U15 Boys & Girls Grades-_result
Stage 1 U17 Female Grade-_result
Stage 1 U17 Male Grade-_result

Stage 2 Time Trial

Stage 2 Indvidual Time Trial-_result

General Classification after Stage 2
13 Boys & Girls
U15 Girls
U15 Boys
U17 Females                    17w QOM
U17 Males                       17m KOM

Stage 3 Road Race
Stage 3 U15 Boys & Girls Grades-_result   U15F GC S3  U15M S3 GC 
Stage 3 U17 Female Grade-_result             U17F S3 GC      U17W S3 KOM
Stage 3 U17 Male Grade-_result                 U17 S3 GC        U17M S3 KOM
Stage 3 U19 Males Grade-_result               U19 S3 GC

Stage 4 Hill Climb (Final Stage)     
Stage 4 Hill Climb-_result  
U15F GC Final
U15M GC Final
U17W GC Final                        U17W KOM Final
U17M GC Final                        U17M KOM Final 
U19 GC Final


Latest Results 31 Mar

South Coast Cycling Friday Night Track Racing 31 Mar 2023.
Edwardstown Velodrome

Heart Starter – Jr J. Gooley, O. Lace, S. Lennon , W. Adams
Heart Starter Sr 1- D. Drake, B. McIntyre, M. Young
Heart Starter Sr 2 – C. Warren, H. Lace , A. Del Medico , J. Austin
Heart Starter Sr 3 – G. Warren, P. Toft, L. Fleming

Italian Pursuit
01:40.34 – G. Warren, C. Warren, R. Lam, B. McIntyre.
01:43.69 – L. Fleming, P. Toft, M. Young, T. Bryant, D. Drake, M.Buckley

Jr Keiren O. Lace, J. Gooley,  S. Lennon , W. Adams
Keiren Sr1 – D. Drake, B. McIntyre, M. Young.
Keiren Sr2 –J. Austin, T. Bryant, A. Del Medico, R. Lam
Keiren Sr3- P. Toft, L. Fleming, G. Warren

Keiren Sr1- D. Drake, C. Warren, B. McIntyre, M. Young.
Keiren Sr2 – M. Buckley, J. Austin, R. Lam, A. Del Medico
Keiren Sr3- P. Toft, G. Warren, L. Fleming

Handicap Jr 2 laps – J. Gooley, S. Lennon, W. Adams,

Progressive Sc Race
Sr 3 – G. Warren, P. Toft, L. Fleming, S. Lennon
Sr2 – M. Buckley, A. Del Medico , J. Austin, R. Lam
Sr1  D. Drake, B. McIntyre, M. Young, H. Lace


Lots going on at Etown this week.
It’s our last week for the current track season 🙁

Monday March 27th – 5-630pm South Coast Cycling Come & Try Track Cycling Sessions – these come & try sessions are on the ridenation website where you can nominate. https://www.ridenation.com.au/a/come-and-try/other/sa/south-plympton/south-coast-cycling-try-track-cycling-sessions/100001397

Also at 5-630pm SCC Monday Night JUNIOR Training
For this you can nominate on entryboss.

If there’s enough people there on Monday night – the bbq might just be on for free snags & ice cream !!!

Wednesday night training 29th March 6-730pm mixed training for juniors and seniors

Friday night racing 31st March – last Etown night for the season. Novelty races, fun races & maybe even pizza 🙂

And that’s Etown until October 2023 so make the most of it this wk & lookout for some events over the off season that we will hope to run at the SuperDrome.


SCC AGM 2023
14th April at 7:30 pm.
Mitchell Park Neighbourhood Centre
139 Bradley Grove Mitchell Park.
We have opportunities to serve on the Board and the committee.
You don’t need to have any extra special skills to jump on the committee.
We would love to be able to bring in some new people to share new ideas & help develop the club.
We’re all very easy to get along with 😉
Why not come along to the AGM & join us.

Latest Results 24 Mar

South Coast Cycling Friday Night Track Racing 24 Mar 2023.

Heart Starter – D. Drake, J. Currie, B. McIntyre, M. Young.
Heart Starter Senior 2 – G. Warren, P. Toft, L. Fleming.

2 Lap Handicap  – B. McIntyre, C. Warren, P. Toft, D. Drake.

Italian Pursuit
01:40.34 – G. Warren, C. Warren, R. Lam, J. Currie, B. McIntyre.
01:43.69 – L. Fleming, P. Toft, M. Young, T. Bryant, D. Drake.

Flying 200m with Motorpace – D. Drake 12.52, M. Young – 12.68, B. McIntyre – 12.90, J. Currie – 12.99, C. WARREN – 13.25, R. Lam 13.42, P. Toft – 15.66, G. Warren – 15.87, L. Fleming – 16.66.

Pairs Madison Teams Race -1st D Drake &  G Warren, 2nd B McIntyre &  C Warren,3rd J Currie. & J Currie, 4th T. Bryant & P Toft.

Latest Results 17 Mar 2023

Friday Night Track Racing 17 Mar 2023 Edwardstown Velodrome.

Heart Starter – D. Drake, A. Guglielmucci, A. Cunniff, M. Buckley.
Heart Starter Senior 2 – C. Warren, H. Lace, J. Austin, R. Lam.
Heart Starter – Draw (P. Toft, G. Warren), O. Lace, L. Fleming.

Too Close to Call

4 Lap Team Pursuit .
03:28.97 – O. Lace, G. Warren.
03:23.09 – P. Toft, L. Fleming.

3 up Sprint
A. Cunniff, J. Austin, M. Young.
R. Lam, H. Lace, C. Warren.
D. Drake, A. Guglielmucci, M. Buckley.
A. Cunniff, J. Austin, R. Lam.
C. Warren, M. Young, H. Lace.
D. Drake, A. Guglielmucci, M. Buckley.

Mixed Handicap  – R. Lam, J. Austin, M. Young, H. Lace.
Mixed Handicap  – L. Fleming, O. Lace, P. Toft, G. Warren.

Italian Pursuit
02:23.55 – G. Warren, O. Lace, D. Drake, M. Buckley, R. Lam, J. Austin, D. Drake.
02:14.91 – L. Fleming, P. Toft, M. Young, C. Warren, H. Lace, A. Cunniff, A. Guglielmucci.

1 minute Target Lap Team Consistence Race
1st H Lace,  J Austin, D Drake &  R Lam – 1:01.12.
2nd  G Warren, P Toft, L Fleming. & C Warren – 0:57.76,
3rd  M. Young, O. Lace, M. Buckley & A. Guglielmucci – 1:07.44

Scratch Race  – D. Drake, A. Cunniff, A. Guglielmucci, M. Buckley.
Scratch Race  – C. Warren, H. Lace, J. Austin, R. Lam.
Scratch Race  – P. Toft, G. Warren, O. Lace, L. Fleming.