Adelaide Cup on Wheels & Interclub Carnival Results

South Coast Cycling 11 Mar 2024 Adelaide Cup on Wheels & Interclub Carnival Results from Edwardstown Velodrome

EVENT 1.  Junior Time Trial 1 Lap  –  H Lace  –  39.09,  S Bakker  –  41.42,  S Harrison  –  41.79,  T Ferguson  –  46.41,  A Hume – Phillips  –  47.02,  M Evans  –  49.27,  R Lloyd  –  51.21.

EVENT 4.  Senior A Grade Heart Starter 5 Laps  –  1st,  D Radzikiewicz,  2nd,  B Mcintyre,  3rd,  M Buckley.
EVENT 3.  Senior B Grade Heart Starter 5 Laps  –  1st,  C Warren,  2nd,  O Lloyd,  3rd,  M Agius.
EVENT 2.  Senior D Grade Heart Starter 4 Laps  –  1st,  G Warren,  2nd,  A Braithwaite,  3rd,  P Fountas.
EVENT 5. Junior Heart Starter  4 laps   –  1st,  H Lace,  2nd,  S Bakker,  3rd,  S Harrison.

EVENT 6.  Interclub Italian Pursuit   Senior
FRONT STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:19.97,  B Mcintyre,  A Braithwaite,  R Lam.
BACK STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:29.12,  G Warren,  M Bakker,  P Fountas.
EVENT 7.  Interclub Italian Pursuit   Senior
FRONT STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:41.03D Gomer,  D Gomer,  M Agius,  J Austin,  M Bakker.
BACK STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:35.56,  T Ferguson,  O Lloyd,  C Warren,  M Buckley,  D Radzikiewicz.
EVENT 8.  Interclub Italian Pursuit  Junior
FRONT STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:03.88 – R Lloyd,  S Bakker,  H Lace.
BACK STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:09.74 – M Evans,  T Ferguson,  S Harrison.

EVENT 10. Interclub  Senior Handicap 1 lap – 1st, G Warren, 2nd, P Fountas, 3rd, C Warren.
EVENT 9. Interclub  Junior  Handicap 1 lap  – 1st, A Hume-Phillips, 2nd, M Evans, 3rd, R Lloyd.

Event 11 Senior Pairs Time Trial 2 Lap
D Gomer & M Agius –  1:16.62, R Lam  & M Buckley –  1:20.11,  J Austin & M Bakker  –  1:21.29,  G Warren  & B Mcintyre  –  1:22.80,  P Fountas & D Radzikiewicz  –  1:23.33,  O Lloyd & C Warren  –  1:23.89.
EVENT 12. Junior Pairs Time Trial 2 Lap
H Lace & M Evans  –  1:20.51, T Ferguson& G Warren    –  1:25.64,  R Lloyd & S Bakker  –  1:28.77.

EVENT 13 . Interclub Reverse Pursuit (start with 1 rider then add a rider each lap) 6 laps Time on 5th Rider
FRONT STRAIGHT TEAM  –  4:18.87,  B Mcintyre,  M Buckley,  D Radzikiewicz,  O Lloyd,  C Warren,  G Warren,  S Bakker,  R Lam, R Lloyd.
BACK STRAIGHT TEAM  –  4:24.97,  H Lace,  D Gomer,  M Bakker,  M Agius,  J Austin,  T Ferguson,  P Fountas,  M Evans, A Braithwaite.

EVENT 16. Adelaide Cup on Wheels  Senior Handicap   2 laps   –  1st, J Austin. ,  2nd, D Radzikiewicz . ,  3rd,  B Mcintyre.
EVENT 15. Adelaide Cup on Wheels  Junior Handicap   2 laps   –  1st  –  H Lace,  2nd  –  S Bakker,  3rd  –  T Ferguson.

EVENT 17. Interclub Progressive Motor Pace
Group 1  –  4 Laps  –  1st,  M Evans,  2nd,  G Warren.
Group 2  –  + 5 Laps  –  1st,  O Lloyd,  2nd,  M Agius,  3rd,  C Warren.
Group 3  –  + 6 Laps  –  1st,  D Radzikiewicz,  2nd,  B Mcintyre,  3rd,  M Buckley.

Interclub Championship Results
Gold Medals – South Coast Cycling – 95 pts
Silver Medals – Norwood Cycling Club   – 12pts
Bronze Medal – Mt Gambier Cycling Club – 7 Pts
Bronze Medal – Port Adelaide Cycling Club 3 Points

Latest Results 8 Mar

South Coast Cycling – South Coast Series (week 3) 8 Mar 2024. Edwardstown Velodrome

Heart Starter Senior A – D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, M. Young, B. Mcintyre.
Heart Starter Senior B & C – O. Lloyd, S. Bakker, M. Agius, M. Bakker.
Heart Starter  – G. Warren, A. Braithwaite, M. Evans, P. Fountas.

Pairs Time Trial – S Bakker &  M Agius 1:16.88, P Fountas &  D Drake 1:17.73, G Warren. & B Mcintyre 1:18.86, M Evans. & M Young 1:22.05, O Lloyd. & M. Bakker 1:24.18, A Braithwaite & D Radzikiewicz. 1:27.18.

Handicap 1 Lap – M. Evans, P. Fountas, M. Young.

Lap Consistence Race – S Bakker &  M Agius 0.55sec, M Evans &  M Young 1.01sec, O Lloyd. & M Bakker 1.02sec, D Radzikiewicz. & A Braithwaite 1.52 sec, G. Warren & B. Mcintyre 3.36sec, P. Fountas & D. Drake 3.7sec.

All In Handicap 3 Lap – D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, B. Mcintyre, O. Lloyd.

Senior Motor Pace – D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, B. Mcintyre, M. Young.
Senior Motor Pace – O. Lloyd, M. Agius, S. Bakker, M. Bakker.
Mixed Grade Motor Pace – M. Evans, P. Fountas.


Bike Shed Veranda

It has taken some time to get the design & planning permission
but at last South Coast Cycling has now
with a big  Thanks to
City of Marion Community Council grant ,
JSM Carports & Verandahs / Nick and his team
we have a veranda to give some shade in front of the bike shed.

Ruth Austin Series Winners

This week after racing we had presentations of the Ruth Austin Series Winners
Huge Thank you to Ruth Austin (Jeremy’s mum) for the sponsorship.
We really appreciate the support like this from Ruth – it’s a nice little way to put up
some prize money for the riders who turn up regularly.
Not sheep stations (for most!!!) but good hard racing & some banter makes it a cracker of a way to spend a Friday night after the work week.



Latest Results 2 Feb 2024

Ruth Austin Series (week 3) 2 Feb 2024. Edwardstown Velodrome.

Heart Starter Seniors – D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, B. Mcintyre, C. Warren.
Heart Starter Senior 2 – P. Fountas, B. Hilterbrand, A. Braithwaite, G. Warren.
Heart Starter Junior A Grade – S. Harrison, A. Hume – Phillips, T. Ferguson.
Heart Starter Junior B &  C – O. Lace, M. Evans, J. Singh_Sandhu.

Senior Handicap (2 Laps)   – B. Hilterbrand, G. Warren, P. Fountas, A. Braithwaite.
 Junior Handicap (1 lap)  – J. Singh_Sandhu, M. Evans, O. Lace, A. Hume – Phillips.

Senior Italian Pursuit .
1:59.54 – P. Fountas, B. Hilterbrand, C. Warren, J. Austin, D. Drake, D. Drake.
2:00.75 – A. Braithwaite, M. Buckley, G. Warren, D. Radzikiewicz, T. Bryant, B. Mcintyre.
Junior Italian Pursuit .
01:15.07 – J. Singh_Sandhu, T. Ferguson, S. Harrison.
01:08.00 – , O. Lace, A. Hume – Phillips, M. Evans.

Time Trial – S. Harrison 00:41.46, A. Hume – Phillips – 00:47.05, O. Lace – 00:47.86, T. Ferguson – 00:48.33, M. Evans – 00:49.05,J. Singh_Sandhu 01:05.90.

Junior Handicap (2 Laps) – S. Harrison, A. Hume – Phillips, M. Evans, T. Ferguson.

Senior 6 Lap Team Pursuit (time on 3rd Rider)
04:12.37 – P. Fountas, D. Drake, J. Austin, C. Warren, B. Hilterbrand.
04:16.39 – G. Warren, B. Mcintyre, D. Radzikiewicz, T. Bryant, A. Braithwaite.

Senior Motor Pace – D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, B. Mcintyre, T. Bryant.
Sr D Grade Motor Pace – B. Hilterbrand, G. Warren, P. Fountas.
Junior Motor Pace – S. Harrison, A. Hume-Phillips, T. Ferguson, M. Evans