Latest Results 27 Mar

South Coast Cycling Results from the Corsa Cycles End of Season 27/03/2015.

Heart Starter Senior A – S. Hennessy, D. Radzikiewicz, D. Bottrill, T. Lennon.
Heart Starter Senior B – A. Gwiazdzinski, B. McIntyre, R. Lam.
Heart Starter Senior C – S. Harris, R. Tormet, G. Kernich, C. Spence.
Heart Starter Senior D – L. Fleming.
Heart Starter Junior 1 – H. Le Fournour, E. Birrane, J. Currie, E. Walker.

Senior  A & B Grade Lucky Dip Handicap – L. Walker, D. Bottrill, D. Radzikiewicz, P. Bole – Schneider.
Senior  C  & D grade  Lucky Dip Handicap – S. Harris, T. Manning, M. Ward, C. Spence.
Junior 1 Handicap – J. Currie, H. Le Fournour, E. Birrane, B. Lloyd.

All in Senior Reverse Scratch Race – B. McIntyre, P. Fountas, D. Bottrill, A. Lennon
Junior Reverse Scratch Race – E. Walker, H. Le Fournour, E. Birrane, J. Currie

Senior Slow & Sprint Race – S. Hennessy, C. Thomas, P. Bole – Schneider, M. Young.
Junior Slow & Sprint Race – E. Walker, H. Le Fournour, N. Shivnani, J. Currie.

A & B   Le Mans Handicap – C. Thomas, L. Walker, T. Lennon, S. Hennessy.
C & D  Le Mans Handicap  – G. Kernich, T. Manning, M. Ward, R. Tormet.
Junior Le Mans Handicap  – H. Le Fournour, J. Currie, E. Walker, N. Shivnani.

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