SCC BBQ at CSA Super Series – St Clair December 9th

South Coast Cycling is running the BBQ at the CSA Super Series St Clair criteriums on Sunday 9/12 from 7.30am setting up the BBQ to provide Bacon and egg rolls, hamburgers, sausage sizzle and raffle.

We need your help – if you or your children are racing PLEASE plan on coming a touch early or staying later to help your club raise our profile and some cash.

Therese and Chris will be there all day and they will need some help – even if only to go to the loo!!!

Seriously folks…Chris & Therese have gone way beyond the call of duty with BBQ fundraisers all over the place – so lets help them out. It’s really important to share the load.

South Coast will also have ‘club room’ infrastructure set up for your convenience, so bring your picnic rugs or chairs whatever you need to make yourself comfortable.
Hmmm fundraising working for you.

If you can help please let us know via facebook, twitter or email the club.

The obvious question is where will the onions go ?

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