Wednesday Night Training – Feb 5th 2020 6pm

Hi All,

Just a heads up on training & what is planned for tonight.

You may or may not know that we (SCC) are participating in a Coach Developer Program. This is a program that of which we are one of the first sporting clubs to participate.

It is a program to suit all sports – not just cycling so there is potential govt funding to drive it if it works & we are basically a test case to see what works & what doesn’t.

You could say we are the test dummys !!!

So far this has had more of a focus on Monday Night training sessions with the juniors.

We have started to document a series of LISC activities (LI=Learning Intention SC-Success Criteria).

Tonight we are running the training session primarily based on the LISC Activity we have defined as “swapping turns” but we are using Seniors (you guys & gals).

We are demonstrating our program tonight in front of the department who are looking to invest money into developing the Coach Development program further & expand it into many sports.

I will be running the session with 3 main activities involving swapping turns – these are (1) Paceline swapping turns like we would do in a scratch race, (2) Team Pursuit style swapping turns & (3) Motor Pacing. I have modified what I would do with the juniors for this to suit seniors a bit more.

So I would appreciate your support out there tonight in that what we are going through is some basic stuff that you probably are already competent at. Some of you go to training & concentrate on your own pet events – tonight I am asking if we could all be involved in this LISC activity.

I expect it will take between 1.5-2 hours in all.

So please bear with me – your cooperation will be much appreciated.

Hope to see you out there.


Bryan McIntyre

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