Winter Wednesday Track Series 2024

This years dates are June 26, July 24 and Aug 28.

Again, it will be a points system, with points awarded each night.
Going to the overall end of Series awards.

Nominations through Entryboss.

June Rd 1

July Rd 2

Aug Rd 3

The program for each night will be from 6pm till 8pm
5:30 sign on (no on track warm up- please bring your rollers) – first race at 6pm
Entries $20.00. Entries close on the Tuesday before each event.
Each event will be made up of a range of endurance bunch races. With distances suited for each grade.
Open to all…following Grades…based on nomination numbers
Junior A
Junior B
Junior C
Senior A
Senior B
Senior C


Adelaide Cup on Wheels & Interclub Carnival Results

South Coast Cycling 11 Mar 2024 Adelaide Cup on Wheels & Interclub Carnival Results from Edwardstown Velodrome

EVENT 1.  Junior Time Trial 1 Lap  –  H Lace  –  39.09,  S Bakker  –  41.42,  S Harrison  –  41.79,  T Ferguson  –  46.41,  A Hume – Phillips  –  47.02,  M Evans  –  49.27,  R Lloyd  –  51.21.

EVENT 4.  Senior A Grade Heart Starter 5 Laps  –  1st,  D Radzikiewicz,  2nd,  B Mcintyre,  3rd,  M Buckley.
EVENT 3.  Senior B Grade Heart Starter 5 Laps  –  1st,  C Warren,  2nd,  O Lloyd,  3rd,  M Agius.
EVENT 2.  Senior D Grade Heart Starter 4 Laps  –  1st,  G Warren,  2nd,  A Braithwaite,  3rd,  P Fountas.
EVENT 5. Junior Heart Starter  4 laps   –  1st,  H Lace,  2nd,  S Bakker,  3rd,  S Harrison.

EVENT 6.  Interclub Italian Pursuit   Senior
FRONT STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:19.97,  B Mcintyre,  A Braithwaite,  R Lam.
BACK STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:29.12,  G Warren,  M Bakker,  P Fountas.
EVENT 7.  Interclub Italian Pursuit   Senior
FRONT STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:41.03D Gomer,  D Gomer,  M Agius,  J Austin,  M Bakker.
BACK STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:35.56,  T Ferguson,  O Lloyd,  C Warren,  M Buckley,  D Radzikiewicz.
EVENT 8.  Interclub Italian Pursuit  Junior
FRONT STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:03.88 – R Lloyd,  S Bakker,  H Lace.
BACK STRAIGHT TEAM  –  1:09.74 – M Evans,  T Ferguson,  S Harrison.

EVENT 10. Interclub  Senior Handicap 1 lap – 1st, G Warren, 2nd, P Fountas, 3rd, C Warren.
EVENT 9. Interclub  Junior  Handicap 1 lap  – 1st, A Hume-Phillips, 2nd, M Evans, 3rd, R Lloyd.

Event 11 Senior Pairs Time Trial 2 Lap
D Gomer & M Agius –  1:16.62, R Lam  & M Buckley –  1:20.11,  J Austin & M Bakker  –  1:21.29,  G Warren  & B Mcintyre  –  1:22.80,  P Fountas & D Radzikiewicz  –  1:23.33,  O Lloyd & C Warren  –  1:23.89.
EVENT 12. Junior Pairs Time Trial 2 Lap
H Lace & M Evans  –  1:20.51, T Ferguson& G Warren    –  1:25.64,  R Lloyd & S Bakker  –  1:28.77.

EVENT 13 . Interclub Reverse Pursuit (start with 1 rider then add a rider each lap) 6 laps Time on 5th Rider
FRONT STRAIGHT TEAM  –  4:18.87,  B Mcintyre,  M Buckley,  D Radzikiewicz,  O Lloyd,  C Warren,  G Warren,  S Bakker,  R Lam, R Lloyd.
BACK STRAIGHT TEAM  –  4:24.97,  H Lace,  D Gomer,  M Bakker,  M Agius,  J Austin,  T Ferguson,  P Fountas,  M Evans, A Braithwaite.

EVENT 16. Adelaide Cup on Wheels  Senior Handicap   2 laps   –  1st, J Austin. ,  2nd, D Radzikiewicz . ,  3rd,  B Mcintyre.
EVENT 15. Adelaide Cup on Wheels  Junior Handicap   2 laps   –  1st  –  H Lace,  2nd  –  S Bakker,  3rd  –  T Ferguson.

EVENT 17. Interclub Progressive Motor Pace
Group 1  –  4 Laps  –  1st,  M Evans,  2nd,  G Warren.
Group 2  –  + 5 Laps  –  1st,  O Lloyd,  2nd,  M Agius,  3rd,  C Warren.
Group 3  –  + 6 Laps  –  1st,  D Radzikiewicz,  2nd,  B Mcintyre,  3rd,  M Buckley.

Interclub Championship Results
Gold Medals – South Coast Cycling – 95 pts
Silver Medals – Norwood Cycling Club   – 12pts
Bronze Medal – Mt Gambier Cycling Club – 7 Pts
Bronze Medal – Port Adelaide Cycling Club 3 Points

Latest Results 8 Mar

South Coast Cycling – South Coast Series (week 3) 8 Mar 2024. Edwardstown Velodrome

Heart Starter Senior A – D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, M. Young, B. Mcintyre.
Heart Starter Senior B & C – O. Lloyd, S. Bakker, M. Agius, M. Bakker.
Heart Starter  – G. Warren, A. Braithwaite, M. Evans, P. Fountas.

Pairs Time Trial – S Bakker &  M Agius 1:16.88, P Fountas &  D Drake 1:17.73, G Warren. & B Mcintyre 1:18.86, M Evans. & M Young 1:22.05, O Lloyd. & M. Bakker 1:24.18, A Braithwaite & D Radzikiewicz. 1:27.18.

Handicap 1 Lap – M. Evans, P. Fountas, M. Young.

Lap Consistence Race – S Bakker &  M Agius 0.55sec, M Evans &  M Young 1.01sec, O Lloyd. & M Bakker 1.02sec, D Radzikiewicz. & A Braithwaite 1.52 sec, G. Warren & B. Mcintyre 3.36sec, P. Fountas & D. Drake 3.7sec.

All In Handicap 3 Lap – D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, B. Mcintyre, O. Lloyd.

Senior Motor Pace – D. Drake, D. Radzikiewicz, B. Mcintyre, M. Young.
Senior Motor Pace – O. Lloyd, M. Agius, S. Bakker, M. Bakker.
Mixed Grade Motor Pace – M. Evans, P. Fountas.


Bike Shed Veranda

It has taken some time to get the design & planning permission
but at last South Coast Cycling has now
with a big  Thanks to
City of Marion Community Council grant ,
JSM Carports & Verandahs / Nick and his team
we have a veranda to give some shade in front of the bike shed.