Junior Tour Results

2022 Wirtgen Group Centrals Junior Tour
hosted by South Coast Cycling

Final Results.

Stage 4 Hill Climb All Categories Finish

U17 Men  17 Men GC    17 Men KOM   

Stage 3 17 Men Finish  Stage 1 U17 M Finish  

U17 Women  17 Women GC  17 Women QOM  

Stage 3 17 Women Finish   Stage 1 U17 W Finish

U15 Men      15 Men GC 

Stage 3 15 Men Finish   Stage 1 U15 M Finish 

U15 Women  15 Women GC 

Stage 3 15 Women Finish  Stage 1 U15 W Finish

ITT            All Categories Stage 2 Finish

U13 Men      13 Stage 2 GC          

Junior Tour Stage 1 U13 Finish         

With many thanks to the many  people that made the running of the tour possible and a success                                                

Junior Tour / Junior Road State Series

The Junior Tour is the first event in the

2022 Bryton Junior Road State Series

for U13, U15 & U17 male and Female’s

so to be part of it get on board now.

2022 Bryton Junior Road State Series – South Australia

  • Round 1 – Saturday 23 April – Sunday 24 April – Wirtgen Group Centrals Junior Tour (SCCC) – More Information
  • Round 2 – Sunday May 1 – Tour of the Riverland Day 2 (NCC) –More Information
  • Round 3 – Sunday May 22 – Blue Lake Kermesse (MGCC) –More Information 
  • Round 4 – Saturday August 27 – State Road Championships (ACSA) – More Information
  • Round 5 – Sunday August 28 – State Time Trial Championships (ACSA) –More Information

2022 Bryton Junior Road State Series Regulations: South Australia

End of season awards

Junior Consistency
Winner Daniel Gantley

Junior Encouragement Award
Winner Kian Bilsborow

Junior Coaches Award
Henry Brown

Senior Consistency Award
Winner Grant Warren

Senior Encouragement Awards
Trevor Earl
David Green

South Coast Cycling Cyclist of the Year
Bryan McIntyre

Thankyou to Sponsor
Paul King Plumbing
Jeremy Austin

Thankyou to all the BBQ volunteers and specially to the following for giving up racing to volunteer to cook the bbq, purchasing the BBQ supplies and organising the roster of volunteers
Warren family members
Currie family members
Bryan McIntyre

Thank you to the Edwardstown Gate Keeper
Kylie Mazzone

Thank you to club coaches
James Kelly
Bryan McIntyre
Che Thomas
Ben Brown
Lee Anne Fleming
Tony Lennon
David Radz

Thank you to the sports med
member that has come every week to watch the racing

Thank you to the club officials
Ken Gooding
Roger Blackwell
Felicity Brown

A Special thanks to Catherine Braithwaite
the driving force of SCC Track Racing.

Photo’s from the night here

Latest Result 18 Mar 2022

South Coast Cycling Friday Racing Edwardstown Velodrome 18 Mar 2022.

Heart Starter Senior 1 – D. Drake, C. WARREN, J. Austin, M. Young.
Heart Starter Senior 2 – R. Lam, P. King, T. Earl, A. Gooley.
Heart Starter Junior 2 – P. Earl, J. Gooley.

All In Pursuit .
02:07.09 – J. Gooley, L. Fleming, P. King, M. Young, J. Austin, D. Drake.
02:03.69 – P. Earl, P. GANTLEY, A. Gooley, T. Earl, R. Lam, C. WARREN.

Reverse Pursuit
02:02.33 – D. Drake, C. WARREN, J. Gooley.
02:07.43 – R. Lam, P. King, P. Earl.
02:08.62 – M. Young, T. Earl, L. Fleming.
02:09.37 – J. Austin, A. Gooley, P. GANTLEY.

Pairs Team Handycap
1st A. Gooley – J. Gooley.  2nd C. WARREN – R. Lam.  3rd T. Earl – P. Earl.  4th D. Drake – M. Young.  5th P. GANTLEY – L. Fleming.  6th J. Austin – P. King.

Senior A Scratch Grade – D. Drake, M. Young, C. WARREN, J. Austin.
Senior “Not A” Scratch Grade – P. King, T. Earl, R. Lam, A. Gooley.
Junior / Senior D Scratch Grade – P. Earl, L. Fleming, J. Gooley.